Insulated Siding Delivers Long-term Energy Savings

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Make a statement with unique, energy-efficient insulated vinyl siding.

When the goal is to improve energy efficiency, especially in an older Madison WI home, consider insulated siding. There are three areas in your home where energy efficiency most often comes into question: the attic insulation, windows and the roof. Siding is often overlooked. Since it covers the largest surface area it shouldn’t be. There are several siding choices and dozens of options within each one. Year-after-year vinyl siding is the No. 1 choice. Modern vinyl siding comes in both insulated and non-insulated versions.

Whenever you’re deciding upon a major change like replacing siding, cost is a concern. Plain vinyl costs less than its insulated counterpart. The insulated versions cost more because there’s more material in each piece of siding. It’s bulkier and can require additional installation steps. On the positive side, insulated options come in more premium designs and colors. Both are the easiest to maintain. The true cost of adding insulation comes in reducing energy bills year-around.

A unique property the insulation adds is a bumper against impact damage – think hail.

Siding Is Focus Of Curb Appeal

A passerby’s eye is drawn to any home by the color of its siding. When you’re replacing old, worn or damaged siding new vinyl boosts curb appeal. Modern siding choices give you the chance to bring an older home to life with new color and texture. Anything from barn red to navy blue is within reach.

Insulated Siding | CertainTeed | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
There’s a combination of colors and textures to match any architectural style.

CertainTeed Cedarboards™ insulated vinyl siding is an example of high-end appearance. Inspired by natural cedar, a unique woodgrain finish goes on. Texture transferred direct from real cedar boards guarantees a natural wood look. Designed for energy efficiency, its insulation provides an added noise barrier, too. Cedarboard comes in extended sizes – 16-feet by 8-inches so there are fewer seams. There’s a wide selection of colors available from subtle tones to deep, rich bold statements. These high-tech siding options have a high level of fade protection. A feature of the company’s PermaColor™ system.

Insulated Siding For Comfort, Energy Savings

Don’t expect a huge decrease in your heating bill after installing energy-efficient siding. Or new windows. While additional insulation helps reduce heating and cooling costs it isn’t magic. It doesn’t provide vast savings overnight. Insulated vinyl siding will provide energy savings over time. If you have poor insulation in the walls of the building the savings show up sooner. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends insulated vinyl siding. Even thought your return on investment may be slow.

Beyond saving dollars, consider the added comfort. Are there rooms in your home that are really cold or really hot? Or drafty? A professional builder says: “Adding insulation to siding is like wrapping your home in a blanket. It helps keep heat inside during winter and outside in the summer – and money in the bank all year around.”

Look At Siding Options As An Investment

Adding any siding product isn’t a sure thing when it comes to saving money on heating/cooling bills. However, replacing existing siding with an insulated option has benefits:

  • Protection from impact damage like hail and wind-blow debris.
  • Increased sound and noise reduction.
  • Sharp, new colors and modern designs.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Long-term energy savings.
  • Boosts resale value.

Considering resale value is important when making remodeling or improvement decisions. That’s true even if you plan on staying in your home a long time. Decisions you make today impact your future.

Remodeling magazine’s most recent survey of what homeowners can expect to recoup from projects might surprise you. It showed that more than 76% of siding replacement costs are regained when the property is sold. That’s a better return on your investment than remodeling your kitchen – by more than 10%! It’s more than adding a new roof and more than replacing inefficient windows.

Why is it such a strong investment? Consider:

  • At least part of the cost of new insulated vinyl siding is regained over the years through energy savings. With non-insulated products there’s no savings.
  • The new, modern products like high-tech CedarBoards don’t fade and deliver good looks year after year.

Choose A Skilled Installation Professional

There are a lot of companies calling themselves siding professionals. Some are, many are not. Using older style, siding products without the benefit of insulation, the job may not require as much training or experience. But, proper installation of any siding is best left to reliable pros. Especially the new insulated versions. Installing insulated vinyl siding takes additional steps to do a quality job. Poor installation not only detracts from the overall curb appeal, it reducing the siding’s efficiency. CertainTeed provides detailed instruction to professionals like the technicians from Sims Exteriors & Remodeling. And it stands behind its siding products with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, Sims adds its own extensive guarantee on workmanship.

When the time comes to replace siding, consider all the options. To get your planning process off to a fast, unique start check out the unique Colorview preview site. You can upload a photo of your home and see what it will look like using an assortment of siding choices.

When you’ve explored the options, call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us. Line up professional installation by skilled craftsmen and preserves energy-efficiency and design integrity. Let us show you how insulated siding can increase the value of your Madison WI home.

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