A Mudroom Makes Sense In Interior Remodel Plan

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dding versatility, organization and storage to a high-traffic entryway doesn’t have to be a lifestyle altering event.

Among the most popular trends in home renovation are avenues to “bring the outdoors in.” That’s not always the ideal mix, making the addition of a mudroom as a buffer an ideal part of an interior remodel plan. With the changing Madison WI season comes mud, snow and related debris crossing from outdoors to indoors. A strategically located multi-purpose entry makes for a smoother, cleaner transition.

Traffic Dictates Mudroom Location

Once the decision is made

to add a mudroom, the critical next step is deciding where you want it – and where it can be added most efficiently and economically. These specialty additions are secondary entry points – the modern home’s version of the service entrance where kids, dogs and the whole clan tramps through.

When deciding upon a location, consider:

  • The garage – the garage has become the most common point of entry for today’s home. It may already be serving as an informal mudroom. You can formalize the area by adding storage and organization. If there’s room, add separation from vehicles, tools and other garage elements.
  • Off The Kitchen – If you have a big kitchen, a part of it can be devoted to similar transitional activities. To avoid a cluttered look, an interior remodel plan that calls for partitions or built-ins is a good choice. If the home has a detached garage, an addition that connects house and garage with a dedicated utility room like this is ideal.
  • Expansion By Addition – if there’s space to expand the building, the addition of new, well-defined mudroom space is the most desirable solution.

Overhaul Existing Mudroom As Needs Change

mudroom | interior remodel | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
A mudroom can be a big project or a simple addition that pays big dividends.

A mudroom incorporated into the original design of the house works best. If you have one of these but it needs an overhaul, that’s a way to get more from your existing home, too. The entryway space may double as a laundry area or just an open space between the outdoor environment – garage or yard – and living space. It’s most likely in or very close to the kitchen. Taking time to design an interior remodel project to up-date and enhance this space pays dividends.

Time and money spent on developing mudroom produces benefits including:

  • Reduced maintenance in the rest of the house – when outdoor debris is left right at the door in a specially design space, interior floors require less scrubbing and less vacuuming.
  • Less congestion and clutter – when dirty shoes, boots and winter cloths, book bags and sporting equipment are left in their proper place just inside the door, they aren’t spread around the house. Custom room designs include storage for toys and tools as well as outer wear and daily cleaning accessories.
  • Storage a premium – storage space, especially for odd-sized or awkward items – soccer balls, snow shoes, winter boots or raincoats for example – is seldom handy when you need it. With an interior remodel that includes entryway storage there are hooks, shelves and cupboards ready and awaiting all manner of gear. Especially handy to have it all near the door where kids are likely to drop everything as they come in – at least with handy hooks there’s a chance they’ll hang something up and it won’t be deposited somewhere between the door and their rooms.
    • You’ve got many storage options from hooks and pegs on the wall to school-style lockers, benches, baskets, tubs, cupboards and cabinets.

Custom Touches Make An Interior Remodel Special

A customized entry space for your home can be an extremely versatile addition. When planning you interior remodel to create one, consider these tips from successful remodelers:

  • Use an energy efficient door between the mudroom and the rest of the house, not just leading to the outdoors. It will work as an “air lock” to keep cold or hot air out when people are coming and going – saving on energy cost.
  • Use tough, water- and wear-resistant floor coverings. This is the area in your house that will get the roughest treatment and be subjected to the most debris and abrasive dirt.
  • Use wall coverings that can stand up to dings, dents and splashes, too.
  • Make this a multi-purpose area – adding panty space when it’s near the kitchen, laundry room storage, a spot to wash the dog.
  • A ceiling or vent fan can provide air flow that helps dry out damp clothing, etc.

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