A Statement Ceiling – A Design Trend Worth Considering

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Treat the ceiling as a fifth wall – anything goes when you let your imagination roam.

The “statement ceiling” is one of the hottest remodeling trends for 2019. Designers from coast to coast are dedicating resources toward creating overhead experiences. With its wide range of home styles, the Madison WI area is a prime location for the latest applications. Transforming a dated ceiling treatment to a showpiece takes planning and skilled craftsmen.

You can create a unique and expressive ceiling without taking down existing structures. Making a statement doesn’t always mean vaulted ceilings or exposed beams, although those treatments qualify.

Elements Of A Statement Ceiling

The basic elements for converting the usual to the unusual include:

  • Color
  • Lighting
  • Special finishes
  • Art

Color – Begin with the benefits of color. While selecting paint for walls and trim get hours of review, ceilings are typically afterthought. Standard ceilings are usually white or an off-white hue. Many designers are thinking of the ceiling as a “fifth wall.” The right paint color transforms basic to memorable.

Lighting – lighting is another easy addition to transform existing space to a memorable, revamped ceiling. Lighting options are both functional and dramatic. Custom light fixtures mixed with natural light from sky lights or solar tunnels enhance activities and ambiance. Excellent lighting options include:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Mood lighting

Remodeling Trends Highlight Special Treatment

Remodeling Trends | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
A unique ceiling transforms common to remarkable in any space.

When you really want to go for a different, unique approach, step away from painting the ceiling. Anything you can put on the first four walls works on the fifth wall. Special finishes include:

  • Wallpaper – not just fall vertical applications. For a truly unique approach, apply graphic patterns and unusual fabrics to the ceiling.
  • Wood panels – the ever-popular shiplap works well on the ceiling. So does a variety of other wood panel products.
  • Tile – with so many colors, textures, shapes and patterns available in the tile shop, why not apply them to the ceiling?
  • Moldings – tray ceilings have been among popular ceiling accents for years and in the right setting they make a classic statement.
  • Press tin – for a dramatic, vintage look there’s little to compare with pressed tin. Today you can get the real thing or high-tech reproductions. For a perfect Art Deco or Victorian look, tin tiles are hard to beat. Embossed tiles for great patterns and add character.

A Basic Structure Becomes Art

When you combine all the elements your creation takes on an artistic vibe. Ceiling fans are versatile appliances that add an artistic flare of their own.  Decorator fans become objects of art that also move air to enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles.

Professionals Keep Pace With Design Trends, Techniques

The final success of any home renovation lies in the hands of knowledgeable and skilled contractors. Select a skilled pro and combine all these design elements to make a statement you’ll be proud of for decades.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling brings years of experience and training to every project. And, with the right tools and skills excels at every level of home renovation. Call us at 608-825-4500, or email us to discuss the latest remodeling trends including creating a statement ceiling that’s perfect for your Madison home.

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