Bathroom Lighting Ideas Bring New Life Into Vital Space

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Imagination is the only limit when it comes to bathroom lighting – from artistic ceiling lights to functional task lighting there’s something for every style.

Today’s bathroom has evolved No more dull fixtures, two small lights on either side of the sink and a tiny window. The 21st Century bathroom is a refuge, spa and important style element, putting emphasis on bathroom lighting ideas and the latest in creative bathroom lighting.

Lighting choices cater to both mood and task options. Homes in the Madison WI area often have more than one bathroom, each open to its own bathroom lighting ideas and creative bathroom lighting applications.

Where it was once almost an afterthought in many home designs, today’s designer give the selection of bathroom lights the same attention to detail that goes into the other fixtures in the home. Implementing your bathroom lighting ideas plays an important role in the way the room functions – and space is usually limited.

When developing your bathroom lighting ideas, keep in mind:

  • The bathroom should be bright and clean
  • Available natural light is a bonus – more and bigger windows make sense
  • Overhead lighting often mimics natural light – find a color temperature that makes the room inviting
    • Color temperature of light bulbs are measured in degrees Kelvin
    • The best color temperature for a bathroom is Cool White/Bright White or Daylight
    • Most light bulb packages describe bulbs as Soft White (2700K-3000K), Cool White/Bright White (3500K – 4100K) and Daylight (5000K-6500K)
  • Task lighting – There’s no “one size fits all” in lighting – choose specific lights for specific areas
  • Shadows are unacceptable
  • Different bathrooms are designed for different uses – powder room vs. master bath – so creative bathroom lighting generating an atmosphere for relaxing may be vital in one but not the other
    • DESIGNER TIP – Looking to create a relaxing atmosphere? Consider a dimmer switch on overhead lights.
  • Be flexible as you consider various bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Begin At The Top

Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Incorporating natural light via unique window installations adds to the success of this creative bathroom lighting design.

Casting an even overall light throughout the room is the goal. Appropriate ceiling lights can brighten a room and make a relatively small room seem larger. Segment the room and consider creative bathroom lighting for each area of concentration:

  • Overall – ceiling lights, either recessed or ceiling-mounted
  • Task lighting for around the mirrors and sinks
  • Lighting for bathtubs and shower areas – these can be for mood, relaxation, but are especially important to provide safe access

The lights in a bathroom’s “work area,” usually classified as Vanity Lighting, get top billing in a new lighting plan because they are the fixtures that must illuminate the head and face for grooming.  While there’s plenty of room for creativity and design style, these fixtures must provide consistent, even light.

When evaluating task lighting options, remember:

  • Avoid installing recessed lighting directly above mirrors, it casts shadows on the face.
    • DESIGNER TIP – not only does overhead lighting create shadows making shaving or applying makeup more difficult, experts say it can age your image by as much as 10 years.
  • Vertical fixture or sconces mounted on either side of a mirror are best, especially in a powder room setting.
  • As creative design dictates that mirrors get larger, mounting light fixtures in the mirror has become an option.

Lighting Tubs and Showers

Creating a spa-like atmosphere in an enlarged bathroom usually includes large tubs and large, walk-in showers.  These options need lighting that’s both safe and stylish. The options for creative bathroom lighting expand in these areas. Bathroom lighting ideas for shower and tub areas must relate to specific tasks. Unlike vanity lights, tub and shower fixtures should be installed directly above where you stand or recline. They are more of a safety element than design addition.

Additional Creative Bathroom Lighting Options

Once the basic demands for bathroom lights have been met bathroom lighting ideas can expand to complete the décor. Additional options can be divided into categories such as:

  • Accent Lighting — Custom lights in small recesses, illuminating artwork or providing atmosphere around tile work, etc.
  • Decorative Lighting — Additional fixtures to add impact – some large bathrooms may accommodate a chandelier, pendant lights or lighted ceiling fan
  • Ambient Light — For rooms with high ceilings these lights provide a natural feeling, often in the form of indirect light reflected from the ceiling or even unique windows to take advantage of real natural light

Selecting Bulbs – Bring Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Life In Madison WI

Once the plan for the remodeling of the bathroom has been committed to and design elements are in place, the final phase is to decide what kind of bulb will actually provide the light. The hottest trend in all lighting is LED technology.

Positive aspects of the LED source include:

  • Energy-savings
  • Longer lifespan – fewer replacement costs
  • Clean-lined, modern styles complement fixture designs
  • More wattage – more light – using less power
  • Warmer, more attractive light than earlier offerings
  • Many can be used with dimmer switches

Get The Most From Creative Bathroom Lighting

A good lighting plan delivers light in layers, providing illumination at various levels. At the same time the light sources enhance the overall design and ambiance of the room.

What’s the biggest mistake when it comes to bathroom lighting?  Not providing enough of it!

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