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Your No Hassle promise means no surprises and accurate, upfront pricing.

When you want to bring to life the vision you have for a home improvement project, how you choose a contractor is a vital step. There are dozens of firms in the Madison WI area listing themselves as remodelers. Home remodels come in all sizes, shapes and dimensions. Each has its critical requirements. Choosing the right contractor sets the stage for a rousing success or dismal failure. The construction industry is full of horror stories of unfulfilled contracts, partially  completed projects and shoddy workmanship. You and your family deserve much better, right?

Some problems arise when contractors get themselves in too deep with a “we can do that” attitude. Some have financial problems. In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, many cannot field a full complement of skilled workers. Unexpected problems and unplanned delays add time and unbudgeted expenses to a project.

Before making any commitment, explore your options and be prepared to ask would-be contractors detailed, pointed questions. Consider the following as you evaluate who you might work with:

  • Project management – who from the company oversees the complete project? The same person from start to finish?
  • Scheduling subcontractors, specialists – who pays the subcontractors, who draws the necessary permits and arranges for inspections? You DO NOT want to get involved in any of these steps.
  • Are you protected – is the company and its employees licensed, bonded and insured?
  • Experience – has to company done projects similar in size, scope and budget?
  • Will the company provide references – are there detailed references and contacts available based on similar projects in the area?
  • Will the company set and share a strict timeline – will you get more of a commitment than “in about 6 weeks?”
  • Changes and delays – there are always unforeseen situations (products backordered, etc.) ask the company spokesperson to explain how they’re handled.

Choose A Contractor – Get To Work

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling delivers a “No Hassle” guarantee to every job. In business for decades, Sims has long-term relationships with specialists, suppliers and subcontractors. Its factory-trained staff of craftsmen is certified and highly-skilled. A project manager is assigned to each project and monitors it from start to finish. Once you decide on what you want, Sims takes over. But, you are in the “loop” from Day 1 so there are no surprises. We deliver quality products, quality craftsmanship on time and within the agreed upon budget. On top of that we deliver peace of mind – a 10-year workmanship warranty! When you commit to a major renovation, that’s worth a lot, isn’t it?

Choose A Contractor | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
When there’s a remodel in your future you want a contractor who can share your vision.

As your dreams take shape, make notes, draw floor plans and collect as many ideas – “steal” from magazines and videos. Your printouts, drawings and pages cut from magazines are the building blocks of a detailed concept. A concept skilled designers bring to life. When the time comes to make a formal decision and choose a remodeling contractor, include additional details like:

  • Get every commitment in writing – expect a comprehensive contract. No detail is too small. You’re making a significant commitment in time and money, aren’t you?
  • Expect a concise description of the project including a timeline and pricing for each element.
  • Expect a complete and detailed payment schedule – does the contractor expect half down and half when the project is done, or maybe payments of one-third, one-third and one-third as work progresses?
  • Agree to a firm starting date and a workable schedule for daily work.
  • Be clear on all warranties and guarantees – from vendors, subcontractors, product suppliers, etc.
  • Expect the unexpected – how will delays and changes impact the project? Best advice – be flexible things like weather and world markets affect daily lives.

Choose A Contractor Wisely

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is a wise choice for a number of reasons beyond it’s No Hassle promise, including:

  • Low overhead – with a no-frills business model we work with lower costs and lower margins because our sales team does not work on commission. Selling you more than you need doesn’t benefit us or you!
  • Honest pricing – no gimmicks, no “specials” and no guessing. There are no hidden costs in our estimates. We want to earn your trust and your business. We guarantee our price quotes and you’ll know the total cost of your project on Day 1.
  • Respected craftsmen – we have so much confidence in and respect for our skilled professionals we guarantee their work.
  • Quality control – projects managers keep in touch with workers and you throughout the remodel. We take the pressure off you – relax and dream of your new space! Are people expect the best and deliver.

 Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is the area’s most versatile and reliable contractor. It has a roofing division dedicated to providing timely roofing inspections, repairs and installations.  In addition we are one the leading professional organizations when it come to siding of all kinds. There’s also a team of window and door specialists. When there’s a remodeling project – big or small – in your future, call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500. Or email us to get the ball rolling. We provide home remodeling solutions for your entire house, inside and outside, top to bottom. Let us answer all your questions and share our successes as you choose a contractor to remodel your Madison WI area home.

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