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Peace of Mind comes from a Contractor you can trust and no unwanted surprises

“We can do that” is the favorite answer a remodeling contractor provides. But, not everyone lives up to their claims. Not every contractor can really “do that.” The task of evaluating contractors isn’t always easy. When you need a new roof, new siding or a new kitchen for your Madison WI home, finding a trustworthy contractor who can do it all is a challenge.

Remodeling might mean tearing apart you home. For that you expect a professional, experienced contractor you can trust. Not only around your belongings, but a team you trust to deliver on their commitments. A vital step in making the right decisions is to check references. Trustworthy, established contractors are excited about sharing their success and satisfied customers are equally excited about sharing theirs.  (Contractor Comparison Guide)

When evaluating contractors’ references, consider:

  • Reliability – do they deliver what they promise, when they promise?
  • Communication – do they keep clients updated with routine progress reports? Are they open to questions during the project?
  • Knowledgeable leadership – is there a lead person you talk to with questions? Someone who’s on site every day from the beginning to completion?
  • Craftsmanship – is quality control a major factor in the project? How much experience does the staff have? Are they all licensed, bonded and well-trained?
  • Guarantees – does the contractor stand behind his work? Beyond the warranties of the products and materials?

Remodeling Contractor Basics – Begin With A Plan

You develop a concept of what you want done, from new shingles to a new spa-like bathroom. It’s up to an experienced building contractor to translate that to a working plan. With decades of experience in all phases of remodeling, restoration and renovation, Sims suggests you research the following as you complete evaluating contractors:

  • Is the a comprehensive plan, including:
    • Everything in writing.
    • A concise description of the project – including detailed drawings and a complete list of materials
    • Pricing for everything spelled out.
    • A payment schedule outlined in detail – is half expect when you sign the contract and half when it’s done, or payments in thirds, or equal amounts at specific points during the process?
    • A complete description of warranties and guarantees – from the contractor, vendors and suppliers.
    • A firm start date and a reasonable timeline for completion.
    • Detailed explanation of how all delays and unexpected problems are handled.
    • Who is responsible for permits and inspections.
  • Everything spelled out clearly in a detailed contract. If you don’t understand something, ask questions or get an expert (attorney) to review it. Don’t sign a contract you cannot understand.

Evaluating Contractors – The Bottom Line

The bottom line when choosing a contractor is simple: The best result for the best price. Making the decision isn’t that simple. Working with the craftsmen at Sims smooths the process. They pay attention to every detail because they understand “the little things” matter. A well-established multifaceted contractor serving the Madison area for decades, Sims knows how to turn a good result into a special project.

The Sims sales team a staffed with professionals who have “done it.” The staff brings years of on-site experience to the planning table. Continually troubleshooting every project, their ability to anticipate potential issues saves time, money and stress. A staff member is assigned to each project start to finish with the authority to make sure it is done right. On-site management makes sure small concerns don’t grow into big problems. Project managers oversee all critical details from obtaining all the required permits to scheduling inspections and ordering materials.

Your Remodeling Contractor Builds Trust

While building walls, installing windows or replacing a roof a reliable experienced contractor builds trust with every client. The ultimate success of any home improvement begins with a solid plan and a committed team.

For a “No Hassle” experience, contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us for guidance in evaluating contractors or to team up with a Madison WI remodeling contractor you can trust.

Contractor Comparison Guide

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