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Selecting a remodeling contractor to bring the vision you have for your Madison WI home to life is a big step. Home improvement projects come in all sizes, shapes and dimensions. Each comes with critical elements that require professional care. Your choice of the right contractor sets the stage.

Almost everyone knows a friend, family member or coworker with a horror story to tell about a bad experience with a contractor – many are second hand and questionable. Sure, problems arise and not all contractors deal with them efficiently or professionally. As with anything, nobody likes unplanned delays, extra expenses or last-second changes. That’s why Sim Exteriors and Remodeling brings its “No Hassle” guarantee to every job. Not only does Sims guarantee to deliver quality products, quality craftsmanship and accurate timetables, it promises to deliver peace of mind – centered on a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Ask Your Remodeling Contractor

When you explore your home improvement options you likely begin with far more questions than answers. How do you evaluate a remodeling contractor? Here are some phases of the process you should ask about and be comfortable with:

  1. Project management – who oversees the remodeling project?
  2. Managing subcontractors and specialists – who pays the subcontractors, secures the permits and arranges for required inspections?
  3. Is the company licensed, bonded and insured?
  4. Will the company provide references based on similar size projects?
  5. How long will it take to complete a project like yours?
  6. How does the company deal with changes, delays and problems?

By working with an established local contractor that specializes in remodeling work you take a big step toward heading off problems now and in the future.

Sims has developed long-term relationships with is specialists and all its staff and subcontractors are factory-trained, certified and highly-skilled in their specialty. The No Hassle guarantee means Sims provides a project manager to deal with your plan from start to finish, any permits or inspections are dealt with in a timely fashion and you are in the loop from Day 1.

Home Improvement Planning From the Beginning

As your home improvement concept takes shape, make notes, draw a floor plan, get as much on paper as you can. Everything starts with a basic file of ideas – your drawings, pages torn from magazines and printouts from webpages. When you’re ready to take the big step, contact several contractors to evaluate what’s available. The professionals at Sims suggest your research include:

  • Details on a comprehensive contract – everything in writing.
  • A concise description of the project to be done and pricing for every element.
  • A payment schedule – does the contractor require half down and half on completion or a third down and equal payments as work progresses?
  • A firm start date and a workable timeline for completion.
  • An outline of guarantees and warranties – from the contractor and from vendors and product suppliers.
  • How delays and unexpected problems are handled.

This may appear to be a daunting list, but an experienced remodeling contractor can provide the details you’re looking for with little effort. The key to the entire process is communications between you and your contractor. Put your questions in writing when you can so they can be accurately shared with the workers on the jobsite.

Tips From Remodeling Veterans

Conversations with dozens of homeowners and contractors result in two key suggestions for any project, big or small:

  1. Expect the Unexpected – there will be delays and changes your contractor cannot foresee. The countertop material for the custom-designed vanity you “must have” in the bathroom is delayed in shipping from the manufacturer, or when taking out old cabinets mold or water damage needs attention. In Madison WI the weather can prevent work. Any number of unexpected situations can – and probably will – pop up.

BEST ADVICE – be flexible, be realistic and plan accordingly.

  1. Keep Everything – Store all your paperwork, from your earliest drawings and notes to your formal contract in one file. Always include written change orders, plans (original and modifications), specifications, product descriptions and warranties (owner’s manuals for appliances, etc.), bills and invoices, canceled checks and records of payments, certificates of insurance and any letters, emails or notes to/from your remodeling contractor.

BEST ADVICE – nothing is too small or insignificant to hang onto.

Work With Trusted Professionals

The ultimate success of any home improvement begins with a solid plan and a team to make it reality.

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is an experienced and knowledgeable source of remodeling ideas, trends and the latest in designs.

For a “No Hassle” experience, contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us to put your home improvement project into motion with a remodeling contractor you can count on in Madison WI.

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