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Ask every contractor the same questions and compare answers before making a vital decision.

A remodeling contractor who’s committed to your home renovation project right to the end is the best guarantee you can find anywhere in Madison. A true commitment begins with professionals involved in the planning stages right down to the final approval walk-through. A commitment doesn’t mean you see the boss when you sign the contract but the job is handed off to someone else soon afterward. In every remodel, little things play big roles and keeping on top of every day’s activities is a challenge – especially for a team of highly sought after professionals.

Signs of a remodeling contractor’s reliable commitment include:

  • Transparency – they deliver what they promise, when they promise and keep you apprised of what’s happened along the way.
  • Communication – you don’t have to ask for updates and progress reports, they’re part of the routine.
  • Leadership – you don’t have to search out someone to answer questions – a seasoned professional is assigned the project on Day 1 and sticks with it to completion.
  • Knowledgeable People – do salespeople promise what they hope contractors can deliver or do they know from experience what can and cannot be one (including viable timeframes, etc.)?
  • Quality Control – a professional committed to you and your task will take responsibility for inspections, permits and quality control at every level.

Home Renovation – Time is Valuable

Whether you’re redoing one room, a floor of your home or adding on, even the smallest remodel project takes time and is an intrusion on your life. A veteran remodeling contractor is well aware of the stress a project can inflict on homeowners and family members. They know time is a very valuable commodity and work diligently to make the most of it. Working with your contractor you can create a management alliance to get the job done most efficiently. Be prepared to ask questions, including:

  • How will my project be managed? Will the person you developed a relationship with during the planning process be a part of the construction team? Will there be one “go-to” on-site person you can get answers from if you need them?
  • How are problems/changes handled? When the unexpected happens – and it will – who handles issues or change orders? How do you communicate your thoughts?
  • Who’s responsible for legal issues? A committed contractor will draw all necessary permits, schedule and oversee all inspections and comply with all building codes and requirements – providing you with complete documentation. An established remodeling contractor will also be fully insured, licensed and bonded for every phase of your project.

TIP FROM A PRO — It is wise to get competitive bids from more than one contractor but make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Not all contractors use the same terms or have the same level of expectations. Take notes and be ready to closely compare one to the other. Make use of the Sims Exteriors and Remodeling Contractor’s Comparison Guide.

The Sims ‘No Hassle’ Promise

Why use Sims?

A better result at a fair price!

There’s more to it than that. The craftsmen at Sims know attention to detail and the “little things” transform a good result into a special project. A well-established remodeling contractor, Sims has built a sales team from its staff of skilled craftsmen. The sales force has extensive field experience – if they say it can be done it’s because they’ve done it.

The experienced on-site managers and skilled staff are continually troubleshooting every home renovation plan to anticipate potential issues in plenty of time to deal with them efficiently. Because every staff member assigned to your project is experienced and knowledgeable – and given authority to do the job right – small concerns don’t develop into bigger problems.

One project manager is committed to your job and oversees all the critical details from obtaining the required permits to making sure all inspections are completed and material are ordered and delivered on time.

Professionals Build Trust

The ultimate success of any home renovation begins with a solid plan and a committed team to make it reality. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is an experienced and knowledgeable source of the latest remodeling ideas, trends, materials and designs.

For a “No Hassle” experience, eamil or call contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us to put your home renovation project into motion with a committed Madison remodeling contractor you can trust.

Comparison Guide

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