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Bump-out Addition | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
There’s no exact definition of what a bump-out is or isn’t. Get creative and make the most of the space available.

There are times when your family needs more space but a major remodel isn’t in the budget. That’s when a bump-out addition can be a perfect solution for your Madison WI home. A bump-out is, as the term implies, a way to expand a room or rooms by moving walls. You don’t have to change the whole structure to add usable space. There’s no standard definition of a bump-out. And there’s no area of the house where it cannot be considered.

When does a small room extension like this make sense? Here are some of the most common reasons to expand this way:

  • Expand your kitchen – larger more open kitchens are popular but you cannot always knock down an interior wall to gain more room. Moving outside walls a few feet accomplishes the same thing. Adding windows for more natural lighting, building a spacious pantry or a breakfast nook are all possible without a complicated remodel.
  • Create a master suite – when your master bedroom and its adjoining bathroom are smaller than you’d like, increase usable space by expanding outward. You can do this with a second floor master suite, too. Consider the possibilities like adding a large soaking tub, a new walk-in shower or an expansive walk-in closet.
  • Add entertaining space – expand you family room for more seating or add to a more formal dining room space. Do you want to add a new really big screen TV or better surround sound system for movies? Here’s your chance.
  • Incorporate natural light and storage – a bay or bow window is the perfect element to illustrate the value of a bump-out. They expand the room by bulging outside the original wall line without looking out of place. Incorporating clever window seat storage adds versatility to the installation anywhere in the house.

Bump-out Addition – Big Benefit, Less Cost

Bump-out Addition | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
When a laundry/mudroom combination makes sense for your family, bumping out a wall provides an answer.

In an age of stay-at-home directives and a new-found work from home economy many Madison homeowners are looking at their houses in a different light. The house has become the office and the school in addition to its usual duties. Have you looked around the house and thought: “If only this room was a little bigger.” Throughout Madison there are neighborhoods of older homes that reflect the architecture and designs of their day. To bring them completely into the 21st century might mean a major remodeling plan or even an addition. In those same neighborhoods adding a room isn’t an option because the lot is just too small. How do you get the benefit of a new bedroom without the expense? You bump out walls to use existing space just outside. A bump-out is a micro addition. You get big benefits from a relatively small change. You can bump out a wall a couple of feet or as many as 10 feet. Size depends on the physical structure you’re adding, where you want it and the outdoor space available.

Does your garage look like the inside of teenager’s closet – crammed with so much stuff the car’s barely fit? A 3-foot bump-out to the exterior wall on a 20-foot garage adds 60-square feet. Would that be room enough for a workbench or space to store mowers or bikes? It can be done with a simple concrete slab foundation.

Among the advantages of a bumped out space are:

  • No need for additional HVAC installations.
  • No need for full basement foundations – although it is an option.
  • Existing electrical serves the area.
  • An option on any floor.
  • Exterior finishing blends neatly with existing structure.

Take Advantage Of Bump-out Flexibility

Bump-out Addition | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Would you kitchen benefit from a nice breakfast nook with a large window?

When you look at potential home renovation in terms of a few feet at a time instead of whole-house of whole-room makeovers you get a different perspective. Where would you like to bump out a wall or two and gain just a little more useable space:

  • In a bathroom – add a soaking tub, build in a linen closet or enlarge a shower?
  • In the kitchen – build in an eating area, expand meal prep space, bring in more natural light with a bay window?
  • Bedrooms – incorporate a bay window and window seat with storage, build in a walk-in closet?
  • Living room/family room – make room for a bigger TV, add seating areas for guests, add a nook for more “me time?”
  • Spare room – is it time to turn the spare bedroom into a real home office, craft room or home gym? Would making it a few feet bigger accomplish a lot?
  • In the garage – wouldn’t it be great to have room to move around and work on projects, store tools and sports equipment?

Explore Bump-out Addition Options

Bump-outs make the most of small space additions and provide immediate benefit. They can include anything from storage options to fine dining spaces.

In the last few months most homeowners have had time to observe how their existing homes fit their personality and family lifestyle. As families change over the years, so do expectations for living spaces. If you love what your have and it fit with your daily routine you’re lucky. If your existing spaces don’t quite make the grade any more, you have choices. You can expand your family’s living space without a major commitment in time and money. Small home modifications make a big difference from Day 1.

When you’re ready to move forward and explore all the options for breathing fresh air into your home call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500 or email us to begin the process. Take advantage of our decades of experience, craftsmanship and attention to detail. We provide home remodeling solutions from one room to the entire house. Let us share with you how a little can go a long way when you choose a bump-out addition to your Madison WI area home.

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