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White cabinetry, seating areas, custom lighting and unique fixtures are hallmarks of contemporary home remodeling, yet reflect traditional “farm-style” lifestyle trends.

As you update and renovate your surroundings, a home remodeling plan incorporating the latest in lifestyle trends changes the way you live in many ways. Not only do you improve the overall value of your Madison WI area home, you increase its family-friendly nature. Whether you’re planning a remodel because you need more space, you’re tired of the current décor or you want to update with the latest materials, when done right the project benefits the entire family.

Reviewing the latest in lifestyle trends reveals that in the 21st century function is the top requirement for any remodeling project. Updating a kitchen, renovating a master bathroom, expanding a mudroom laundry area or adding a craft space all benefit daily activities. Adding a new dimension to the home and benefiting the family’s lifestyle is paramount.

Factors In The Home Remodeling Decision

There are a host of factors that enter into the decision to remodel, maintain the status quo or find a new home that fits growing need. Anything from small changes and upgrades to a whole home addition are candidates for the needed change. Sometimes, moving is the only option.

If you’re considering a major change that may include a move, there are pros and cons. Consider these reasons to move:

  • Outgrown the house
  • Outgrown the property
  • Local ordinances, zoning will not permit the remodeling plans you need
  • Dissatisfied with the schools
  • Dissatisfied with the local taxes
  • Changes in employment have made commuting too long
  • Neighborhood changes
  • Not ready to take on what’s perceived as a difficult remodeling job
  • Don’t have the time or patience to take on a home remodeling project
  • The results of your plan would overvalue the property and costs can’t be recouped with future sale

Now, review the positive reasons to dive into a home remodeling project:

  • You really like your home
  • You really like your yard
  • You have great neighbors
  • The schools are excellent
  • You’re close to work, sports and shopping, etc.
  • You don’t want to stress your family with the demands of moving
  • Your remodeling plans will make the home very marketable when you do sell
  • The cost of finding a new home and moving overshadows the real cost of a home remodel
  • Incorporating the latest in lifestyle trends into your remodel gives you exactly what you want, a new house isn’t likely to be “just right.”

The ‘Hot’ Lifestyle Trends

Lifestyle Trends | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Pets play an important role in lifestyle trends, like this bathing station in a remodeled mudroom, laundry

While everyone wants to make sure changes will add to the value of the property, today’s market reflects more concern with personal value than resale value. Making a home more comfortable, functional and welcoming is the goal.

Entertainment areas, large wide-open kitchens and spa-like master bathrooms are popular additions. As the population ages, attention to details that make moving around and accessing space more convenient come into play. Large walk-in showers are replacing traditional bathtubs and where a bathtub is included, designer styles and special features are included.

Lifestyle trends with the most impact on today’s home remodeling include:

  • Attention to color – There’s comfort in color. Natural tones are taking over from darker colors that were popular a decade ago. Throughout the house, more muted earth tones are reflected in cabinets, floors and walls. Colors like Sage green, various shades of gray and off-white compliment white cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The kitchen is the hub – No longer just a place to cook, the kitchen is bigger, brighter and integrated into the entire floorplan. The kitchen is the center of attention. It’s where the day begins and usually where it winds down. Kitchens are for homework, paying bills, checking email and entertaining. Comfortable seating, large workstation islands, expanded pantries and even fireplaces are part of the lifestyle trends in kitchen design. Among the hottest trends is the “farm kitchen” that includes custom sinks and retro cabinets. These are in stark contrast to the contemporary look with all stainless steel (including countertops) and an industrial feel. When it comes to home remodeling, the final plan is all yours!
  • Retire to the bath – If there’s a room in the house where form and function come together best, it’s the newest in bathroom designs. Bathrooms are evolving into spacious getaway spaces. Simple showerheads are replaced with luxury body sprays and “rain” showers. There are steam showers and underfloor heating. Popular furniture trends are reflected in bathroom cabinetry. Along with the latest in décor, there’s a consideration for the concept of aging in place so access to showers, tubs and facilities is made easier.
  • Laundry room as status – The size and amenities in the laundry room, mudroom are status symbols in today’s new construction. The laundry area isn’t in the basement. Mudrooms and laundries are part of daily living and as such benefit from the same lifestyle trends as the rest of the house – color, cabinetry and comfort features.
  • More than a hobby – As Americans spend more time at home, their extracurricular activities are more important. A little work from home becomes a dedicated home office as the concept of remote employees takes hold. A hobby once relegated to the kitchen table, a corner of a spare room or the basement now gets top billing in the craft room. One of the more unique lifestyle trends reflected in home remodels are special amenities for pets – many mudrooms include pet washing stations and secluded nooks for the cat’s litter box.
  • Going Green – The idea of becoming more environmentally friendly works its way into home remodeling. Solar power is available in unobtrusive forms these days to take advantage of renewable resources. Paints with low emissions, highly energy-efficient appliances and energy-efficient replacement windows should all be top priorities in any home remodeling efforts.

Retro to High-tech In Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Only imagination and budget limit how your home remodeling projects incorporate the latest in lifestyle trends.

There are styles that today’s remodeling prospects consider “reto” that their parents and grandparents probably consider “old.” Among the decorating and architectural styles making a comeback are wood paneling. Once relegated to the family room, floor to ceiling paneling is showing up in large, high-end home remodeling. Shag carpets are also more and more in demand as is an old standby – linoleum. Today’s shag isn’t the long, dense carpet of the 1970s, but it’s a cousin. Linoleum has become environmentally friendly and is one of many vinyl floor covering options. Throughout the house there are color options for appliances, too.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the latest in technology is incorporated into small and expansive remodeling jobs. The range of high-tech installations runs from simply adding USB connection ports to electrical outlets – in the kitchen, home office or near the TV, for example – to wiring the entire property to become a “Smart Home.” With the ever-increasing selection of high-tech products that can be controlled by phone apps and gadgets, more complex installations reflect one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends.

Blending Inside and Outside

Outdoor living spaces and concepts that bring the outdoors in – and vice versa – are included in most overall remodel projects. Decks, multi-season porches are accessed by new doorways and the landscape is highlighted with replacement windows, including expressive bay windows. Bringing more natural light into the indoor living spaces completes the concept throughout the house.

Home Remodeling Pros Keep Up With Trends

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