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Finely-stained wood patio doors become part of your interior finishing.

When you’ve invested time and money in a patio or deck, a Pella patio door is your portal to comfortable living. There’s a hinged or sliding door that’s just right for your Madison WI home.

Patio doors must be both functional and attractive. They add to your decorating style – both indoors and outside. There are both hinged and sliding doors to complete your connection seamlessly.

Adding the right patio door makes a room brighter, bringing in more natural light than a standard door or window combination.

Choosing A Pella Patio Door Style

Which style works best for your home? The two most popular options are a hinged door or a sliding door. Each has its advantages. In addition, there are specialty designs for special installations.

Hinged patio doors — A hinged door installation combines function with classic styling. These doors have one or two panel and most offer a choice of opening into or out of the room. Two-panel doors open from the center. They’re commonly known as French doors. Ideal for large expanses they can be combined with fixed panels to allow even more natural light into a room.

Not all hinged doors are alike. There are differing styles including:

  • French doors – the most popular hinged door type. Available in many colors and trims to fit many architectural styles.
  • Bifold doors – multi-panel doors that fold and stack to the side to open a large space. Ideal for blending indoor and outdoor lifestyles. Bifold doors can move from one side to another or open two ways from the middle. In the right place these multi-faceted doors open a “wall of windows” in to an outdoor room.
  • Single-hinged doors – a one door panel usually combined with a sidelight window on one or both sides. Transom windows add additional style.

Sliding patio doors — One thing makes sliding doors extremely popular: they safe space because they don’t swing in or out. There are two basic versions:

  • Classic doors – one stationary panel and one that slides along a fixed track. Available in contemporary and French frame styles. Contemporary features narrow frame time. French uses a wider trim. For a large wall more than one fixed panel is an option. Usually include sliding screen doors.
  • Multi-slide doors – Pella’s Scenescape doors feature expansive panel that stack against each other or tuck out of sight in a wall pocket.

Patio Door Styles, Materials

Pella Patio Door | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
With a transom and side-light window a patio door transforms simple access to the outdoors into a glamorous design element.

Just like replacement windows, patio doors are available with several frame options, including:

  • Wood – classic and attractive. They can be painted or stained to match interior trim. Requires a little periodic maintenance. Offers excellent insulating value. Pella’s leading wood-framed doors include:
    • Architect Series Traditional 850 – clean, smart lines for modern doors. Available in almost any size with many grilles and color combinations. Eight natural wood choices to match fine furnishing details. Interiors prefinished in choice of stain colors or black.
    • Lifestyle Series – ideal for energy-efficient installations, sound control and view. Natural wood frames. Available with integrated blinds and shades – manual or motorized. Dual- and triple-pane glass options.
  • Fiberglass – available with the fine grain look of real wood, fiberglass doors require little maintenance. Check out the Pella Impervia series:
    • Made from Duracast®, a strong, durable window frame material. Contemporary styling, energy efficient. Can be painted to match interior and exterior trim.
  • Vinyl – a popular choice in windows and patio doors. Cannot be painted but comes in a variety of popular colors. Pella offers:
    • 350 Series – with exclusive SmoothSeamTM interior welded corner adding styling to a robust frame. Available in 11 exterior color options. With triple-pane glass, these doors are rated from 54% to 83% more energy efficient that single-pane glass.
    • 250 Series – have clean lines and feature a unique flush bolt system for venting and security. Between-the-glass blinds are available in 6 color choices. These doors are available in 2-, 3- and 4-panel configuration plus custom sizes.
    • Encompass – easy-care doors with contemporary styling. Low-maintenance and energy-efficient.

Consult Window And Patio Door Professionals

There are so many choices in patio doors today it’s a challenge to come up with just the right one for your pathway from indoors out. Before you come to a final decision on which style or material is best, consult a professional. All the popular styles have pros and cons. Not every one works well with the many architectural styles in the Madison area. More importantly, correct installation can make or break the performance of a patio door. These are large, bulky products that require skilled handling.

Patio doors add style and personality to your home. They also increase the versatility of both indoor and outdoor living spaces. A high-quality door installed by skilled, trained professionals – with the right tools – preserve energy-efficiency. Done right they fit seamlessly into your overall floorplan. When you decide to upgrade your existing door system or are adding outdoor access during a remodeling project, call Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us. We welcome an opportunity to review options and ideas for a Pella patio door in your Madison WI home.

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