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Local Quality Hail Damage Repair 608.825.4500

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Hail Damage – Siding Repair, Roof Inspection Right Now!

The devastating hail storms that swept through Janesville WI in early May left homeowners desperate for reliable, trustworthy contractors to complete siding repair or replacements as well as roof inspections to detect further hail damage.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling has been serving Southern Wisconsin for decades – we started as a roofing contractor so we know what hail does. Licensed and bonded, Sims fields a team of professionals that will do the job right the first time and be around in the years to come should you need them. We’re here for you!

Let Us Inspect Your Roof

When there’s obvious hail damage to walls and windows, chances are good there’s damage to your roof, too. A complete exterior examination by a skilled professional evaluates siding repair and roofing repair requirements – and will make the job of an insurance adjuster not only easier, but faster!

Our Siding Repair Experts Cover the Bases

Siding is the number one protectve barrier a home has against the elements other than the roof. We are experienced with the most effectve siding materials including—Aluminum, Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Solid Wood, Composite Wood, Stucco, Stone & Brick

Hail Damage – Total Satisfaction Commitment

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling puts highly trained, skilled professionals on your job and backs their work with a Peace of Mind commitment:

  • Guaranteed total price quotes – no hidden fees, upcharges or surprises
  • No gimmick pricing – only the highest quality products and reliable workmanship for your home every day
  • Rapid Response – we’ll meet when you need us
  • Workmanship Guarantee – we stand behind our work a full 10 years— if something goes wrong we fix it .
  • Quality control & project continuity –The bottom line is, from quote to project completion, your project is overseen by a skilled craftsman.

Select A Trusted LOCAL Professional for Hail Damage Repairs

When your home is in taters and storms are on the horizon it’s easy to go with the frst offer at hand. When you’re facing hail damage and in need of siding repair done the right way. Select a professional, licensed contractor – Sims Exterior and
Remodeling – for your needs now and in the future. Call us at 608-825-4500 today!

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Tell-tale discoloraton and obvious dents are sure signs your roof has hail damage from the large chunks of ice falling from the sky.

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Shredded siding is just one of the paterns of damage lef in the wake of the hail storm that pummeled Janesville WI.

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Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
is one of only a handful of Master Elite roofng contractors in Southern Wisconsin offering the training, professionalism and dedicaton to quality needed to atain this designaton. Only 3% of the thousands of roofers using GAF roofng products atain the Master Elite ratng. GAF their roofng systems warrantes are for the life of your home and can be transferrable


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“I’ve had your guys do a whole bunch of work for me over the last few years. They are all outstanding! I can’t tell you how nice it is to have contractors that I hundred percent trust and know they’ll do the job right the first time.”

Mark Jacoboski

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Call 608.825.4500 Now for Licensed and Bonded Inspection & Repair