Kitchen Ceiling Design — The Remodeler’s 5th Wall

Kitchen Ceiling Design| Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Dazzling tin-plate recreations give this modern kitchen an old world appearance.

Kitchen ceiling design provides additional opportunity to add character and elegance to your remodeling project. Contemporary designers call it the room’s “5th wall.” It can be treated with the same style and creativity as conventional walls in your Madison WI home. That means the ceiling is now a fine canvas for wallpaper, textured materials of all sizes, shapes and materials. Add creative lighting and you can make a real statement with your kitchen ceiling.

The kitchen ceiling is a great place to add drama to the work space. When ease of movement and efficiency are the No. 1 goals in the kitchen there’s normally little room for extra décor feature. That’s where the 5th wall comes in.

Whether the space is a compact galley kitchen or an expansive addition to a new open floorplan there are ceiling treatments that fit. Smaller spaces can be enhanced by raising the height with a tray or coffered ceiling. Or a domed ceiling to accentuate a section of the room.

Consider the square footage of the room’s ceiling. With that much available space, it makes sense to use it, right?

Don’t Take Kitchen Ceiling Design For Granted

The finish and detailing of your kitchen ceiling focuses the eye upward, creating an additional opportunity to add “wow” to your renovation.

Not long ago a contrasting paint on textured plaster or a tray ceiling was all kitchen remodelers thought of. Today there are so many more choices, including:

  • Mouldings
  • Tiles
  • Art work
  • Alternative materials – wood, tin-look tiles, metal
  • Unique lighting
Kitchen Ceiling Design| Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Two approaches to a high ceiling— textured tiles with chandeliers above a new island and colonial-style metal tiles within architectural moulding in a farmhouse kitchen.

One of the most common design challenges is how to handle contemporary high kitchen ceilings. Significantly higher ceilings are a staple of 21st century architecture. You have two basic choices:

  1. Draw attention to the high ceiling and emphasize it.
  2. Employ various techniques to visually “lower the ceiling.”

When the goal is to emphasize a new open floorplan you can take advantage of the increased upward space using taller than usual cabinets. In addition using color, contrast and mouldings create an artificial horizon bringing the eye to focus on the mid-point of the wall. Cabinetry adds emphasis to the additional ceiling height. The recent trends in custom-designed range vent hoods and countertop-to-ceiling backsplash treatments add drama and elegance.

Contemporary high ceilings can be effectively “lowered” by adding elements of hardware and lighting. Hanging pendant light fixtures bring bold elements into the free space. In addition, adding custom-designed fixtures for hanging pots and pans above your new kitchen island attract attention but the eye seldom roves to the ceiling above.

Get Creative With Kitchen Ceiling Design Finishing Options

Adding texture to the ceiling doesn’t mean the acoustic tile or “popcorn” texture in your parents’ or grandparent’s homes. Modern texture comes in many new forms. Artwork is a popular option – consider a mosaic of tile or unique painting combined with artistic lighting.

Hanging light fixtures are ideal because the bring light close to the work area better than ceiling-mounted fixtures. Using several hanging fixtures at similar but slightly different levels provides good light on work spaces in addition to adding visual interest. Stained glass ceiling lights are another artistic option.

A throwback to bygone days unlike the acoustic tile, rustic, farmhouse-like designs use metal ceiling tiles. The over-present element known as shiplap has also found its way to the ceiling. Additional architectural elements like beans add styling and visual interest.

Incorporate Kitchen Ceiling Design Into Professional Remodel

Kitchen Ceiling Design-Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Let you creativity shine and make a statement on the ceiling of your new kitchen.

Why pay more attention to ceiling height? Ceilings at nine feet or even higher are not uncommon in newer homes. Often, the challenge of remodeling is to maintain proportion and balance from one space to another. Are you working to bring an open concept living space to life? That means the kitchen becomes part of a greater space. It may or may not be defined by a different ceiling height, material or color.

In older homes the traditional 8-foot ceiling may be all you have to work with. Creating visual interest has to come from more subtle action than raising the height. A creative ceiling treatment not only raises the height visually, it adds excitement, elegance and drama. The way you finish your new room’s ceiling can make the difference between a cozy space and a wide-open feel.

Materials and finishes strengthen every design. Anything you add above your head from a solar tube above a new kitchen island to reclaimed wood ceiling panels makes a contribution. Your lifestyle shines through the final installation.

When it is time breathe new life into your kitchen, including its 5th wall, call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500. Or email us and we’ll create a kitchen Ceiling Design plan that fits your needs top to bottom. Your kitchen is the hub of family life so you want it to be special for the whole family, right? Combine our craftsmanship, years of experience and expert kitchen ceiling design for the ideal kitchen in your Madison WI home.

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