Kitchen Countertop Trends – Art and Science Mix

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Complementing neutral colors, a quartz kitchen counter adds to the décor of any modern remodel.

The latest kitchen countertop trends reflect the fact that modern kitchen counters are more than sharp looking, they’re versatile and functional. Cabinets and backsplashes grab the eye but a kitchen remodel revolves around the countertops. These work surfaces are “where the action is.” Decorative tops are the foundation for the kitchen décor while providing a hard-working, long-lasting work surface. New countertops set the tone for the kitchen of a Madison WI home.

The selection of materials and designs for kitchen counters to accent your kitchen remodel is getting more extensive every year. Materials and finishes may trend hot and cold, but some materials remain near the top of the list because they have proven their worth. Kitchen countertop trends heading into 2019 focus heavily on colors and material choices.

Kitchen Countertop Trends – What to Expect

There’s a trend in kitchen remodeling toward using more and more texture on surfaces and it has been accepted for countertops. Honed and Leathered textured surfaces are being applied to granite, marble and quartz. Even though a polished surface is still the No. 1 choice, there are advantages to these options:

  • Honed Finish – a matte finish with little or no shine. Final appearance depends upon the material. It works well with marble because the lack of shine masks and flaws or scratches.
  • Leathered Finish – one of the newer treatments for countertops, Leathered finishing is gaining popularity. It has a soft sheen but is still not glossy. It has a unique feel when you touch it. The leathering maintains the stone’s natural color and provides a sophisticated yet natural appeal. Leathered countertops have proven they hide fingerprints and water spot very well.
Kitchen Countertop Trends || Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Kitchen countertop trends reflect style, color, texture and functional choices.

Continuing in the area of texture and design to add character to kitchen counters, there are new concepts in veining and patterns. While you may think basic granite has enough pattern to choose from – and it does – but designers are looking for more and have grasp technology for the answer.

Materials like quartz are being designed to look like slabs of natural store with new processes used to create veins in interesting patterns of swirling color combinations. The technique provides a new level of creative opportunity.

The variations in finish add interest that can easily blend with other elements of the kitchen remodel including backsplash, floors and cabinets.

Special Features Abound for a Kitchen Remodel

Designers have found many ways to bring the latest kitchen countertop trends to life incorporating unique and functional features into the concept. Today, the expression “everything but the kitchen sink” doesn’t apply – a kitchen remodel does include the kitchen sink.

A new sink integrated into the countertop and blending seamlessly with its surroundings provides a smooth work flow. It also adds a chic look. With no edge to clean, an integrated sink makes cleanup faster and easier.

The kitchen island has also moved high on the list of kitchen countertop trend elements. No longer just for food prep or cooking, the island is a gathering place. Designers have no definite “must do” rules for kitchen islands. Some match the countertops to the rest of the room while others prefer to do either a contrasting or complementary color and style. The choice is yours.

Kitchen countertop trends ebb and flow as interior designers and remodelers discover new materials and new uses for the standard offerings.

What’s In Demand for 2018-2019

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association kitchen countertop trends haven’t changed a lot in the last year or so. Here’s a breakdown of the most commonly specified materials for a kitchen remodel:

  • Quartz—88%
  • Granite—83%
  • Marble—43%
  • Solid surface—43%
  • Butcher block—35%
  • Other wood—29%
  • Other stone—26%
  • Recycled countertops—22%

Many of these high-end materials are far from low maintenance choices. If you’re looking for materials you won’t have to work as hard to keep looking good, consider:

  • Laminate
  • Recycled Glass
  • Stainless Steel

Materials Drive Kitchen Countertop Trends

There was a time when granite with the high-end countertop to shoot for. Now, it’s the standard for most remodeling projects. While it remains a strong contender, consider these kitchen countertop trend setters:

  • Quartz – a material that has taken the countertop business by storm. It keeps pace with the latest design and technology advances and is in demand. What makes quartz so popular? Consider:
    • It is entirely non-porous so it never needs sealing
    • Not prone to chipping and cracking
    • Available in a wide palette of colors
    • Every piece is distinctive and unique
    • Easy to clean and repels bacteria
    • Will accept various finishing technique


  • Marble – marble is considered an elegant addition for a kitchen remodel. It’s a beautiful natural surface providing color and contrast. It has veining patterns for a dramatic impact.
  • Wood/Butcher Block – once a mainstay in kitchen design and popular as a pattern for laminates, a true butcher block style counter is regaining its popularity. Using wood provides an attractive, warm appearance in the kitchen. The trend toward country and farm kitchens has made this choice even more popular – reclaimed wood is even an option.
  • Metal Counters – for a really modern, contemporary and professional look in the kitchen designers opt for stainless steel or other metals. These choices are durable and withstand the rigors of daily use. A word of caution – be sure your choices don’t clash with the texture and color of your stainless steel appliances (all “stainless steel” doesn’t look the same).

Work With Remodeling Professionals

The modern kitchen features countertops with creative textured unique designs and sleek integrated sinks. Experts gazing into their crystal balls expect these kitchen countertop trends to continue for several years.

The ultimate success of any kitchen remodel begins with a solid plan and a team to make it reality.

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