A Kitchen Pantry – A ‘Must Have’ Feature

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Make the most of every inch of space and you’ll be surprised at what a new pantry holds.

Whether a stand-alone cupboard, a series of shelves or a walk-in space, the kitchen pantry has achieved “must have” status. A modern kitchen has evolved into the main gathering space in the home and it’s the most often remodeled room in Madison WI houses. The heart of the home, the social focus and the dominant design element, the kitchen has to play many roles. It has to combine style and function. With all its new-found focus it must maintain its No. 1 reason for being – to prepare food. That means it has to provide a place for all the elements that go into “making diner.” Pots, pans, appliances and the basics of every meal should be close at hand. That’s where a modern kitchen pantry comes in.

Traditional kitchen storage space – cupboards, cabinets and shelves – do their part but fall short within many modern kitchen designs. With advances in “open concept” great rooms traditional storage options have been reevaluated. Do you want all your pots, pans and cake mixes out where family and friends can always see them? Lifestyle changes as well as popular floor plans have changed the storage options.

A review of popular kitchen layouts shows one obvious thing: almost anything goes! You’ll find kitchen storage ranging from everything on open, exposed shelves to separate enclosed pantry rooms. You lifestyle and decorating vision dictates what works best for your home.

Kitchen Pantry Designs To Unclutter

A modern kitchen houses a variety of small appliances and convenience items – from blenders and air fryers to the old faithful toaster. The more energy- and time-saving items you add the more room it takes to store them. Counter space is always a premium in the kitchen. Homeowners of all ages take on the labor- and time-saving devices. Inevitably they fall victim to “tech fatigue.” They have too much of a good thing – and tire of finding a place for it. You know what it’s like to balance the benefits of a new device with finding a place on the counter to keep it, right?

In the 21st century that definition expands to include everything from separate to add-on cabinets. Budget and available space often dictate which works best. In addition there are dozens of options for lighting and accessories. Consider these designs aimed at reducing kitchen clutter:

  • Stand-alone cabinetry – adding a piece of furniture with shelving and pullout drawers is a flexible way to add independent storage. A stand-alone piece not only provides flexibility within the unit itself, it gives you options for location. A built-in stays in place. A stand-alone can be moved when your lifestyle or needs change.
  • Combining elements – are you adding an island to your new kitchen? Islands provide excellent work surfaces and they easily do double-duty as low-level pantries. They aren’t walk-in spaces but they are especially handy for storing small appliances.
  • Make the most of odd spaces – no matter your design concept the kitchen has corners. Corners are seldom easy to make into convenient storage space. However, corner spaces are great for tucking away food prep items you don’t use every day. Cabinetry catering to corner installations – rotating shelves, multiple-hinged doors, etc. – make corner accessible and add function to otherwise undervalued space.

An Expanded Kitchen Pantry In Your Future

Kitchen Pantry | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Get creative and turn a wall into a full-size pantry.

Just as there’s seldom enough counter space in a kitchen there’s seldom enough storage. A spacious, walk-in pantry is the dream of every serious cook. A place for everything and everything in its place … that’s your goal, right?

With the trend to open concept living spaces adding an enclosed pantry is a challenge. The simplest solutions combine nearby laundry rooms or mudrooms with storage for food stuffs and appliances. Combinations are seldom as efficient or desirable as dedicated spaces – but they work.

There are ways a skilled remodeling contractor can fit a panty into your space. Attention to detail is the key. Consider these potential design features:

  • Extended cabinetry – where every square inch is valuable it makes sense to extend cupboards and cabinets all the way to the ceiling. You might need a stool to reach to top shelves, but that’s where the seldom-used items reside anyway, right?
  • The backside of doors – doors are a blank slate that are a great place to hand hardware to accommodate tools and accessories. Make use of all the space you have to work with.

The Ultimate Cook’s Dream Pantry

Are your ready to make the leap from a basic storage closet to the ultimate pantry for cooking and entertaining? In a home with a formal dining area there’s often a space between the kitchen and dining room. Using specialized lighting, hardware and fixtures the space becomes a traditional “butler’s pantry.” It often includes a sink, refrigerator (or wine storage cooler) and countertop work space. It doubles as storage space and secondary food prep area. It’s traditionally the spot to store tableware and cleanup supplies – it may include a dishwasher.

A trend looking toward 2021 is for interior designers to move away from completely open floor plans to include more separate rooms based on function and lifestyle. This trend brings a dedicated walk-in pantry into the spotlight.

What homeowner doesn’t want more storage space in the kitchen and less clutter?

Put A Kitchen Pantry In Your Future

Does your family activity revolve around the kitchen? Do you want the space to be more efficient and family-friendly? What makes it less efficient – too much clutter, not enough storage? It sounds like a real pantry would really improve it, right? A pantry, whether as part of new cabinetry, standing on its own or as a walk-in space created by a professional remodeling contractor provides aesthetics and function.

When you’re ready to declutter your kitchen call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500 or email us to begin the process. Take advantage of our years of experience, craftsmanship and attention to detail to put the ideal kitchen pantry in your Madison WI area home.

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