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Kitchen Remodeling - Kitchen Island - Madison WI - Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
When you plan your kitchen remodeling project, consider what you want out of a new kitchen island

One of the top priorities in a kitchen remodeling project is often creating the perfect kitchen island. An island is also one of the most requested options for buyers of a new home.

Practically speaking, homeowners contemplating a kitchen remodeling job are almost always looking for more counter space, more storage space or both. The anisland can be the most efficient answer.

The kitchen is the center of attention in most households. It’s where the family gathers, where guests congregate and is “where the action is”. Kitchen remodeling projects with an island improve the form and function of this space.

Focus of Activity Important In Kitchen Remodeling

When people are instinctively gravitating to the kitchen, the island quickly becomes the center of activity. The design and construction of a kitchen island is nearly limitless. As you plan your kitchen remodeling project, consider what you want out of an island. Do you have unique requirements – a built in wine cooler, power outlets or seating for snacks or quick meals?

Get Your Kitchen Remodeling Project ‘On Paper’

Kitchen Remodel - Kitchen Island - Madison WI - Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Your kitchen remodeling project can open a room, add light and space. A kitchen island brings it all together.

Before you contact your kitchen remodeling contractor, put together your own basic plan. The most important thing to consider is often overlooked: Is there room for an island? A few pages from the local newspaper will help.

Determine how large you want your kitchen island to be by spreading out newspaper pages on the floor matching that area. By laying out newspaper pages in the shape and size you like best, you will quickly see if there’s enough walking room to be comfortable in the space once the kitchen remodeling in complete.

Questions To Ask Before Your Kitchen Remodel

  • Do you have at least 3 feet between the new kitchen island and existing counters and appliances?
  • When standing in the kitchen, will a new island interfere with easily moving from stove to refrigerator and sink?
  • Are there special requirements to take into account – new plumbing, additional electric power?

You have Decided On A Kitchen Island

Kitchen Remodeling - Kitchen Remodel - Madiosn WI - Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Drawers in a kitchen island expand storage and utility during a kitchen remodeling project.

Once you decide an island is the answer to your kitchen remodeling needs, there are additional features and details to consider.

  • SIZE – Your existing space may dictate the size, but your requirements play a significant role, too. Do you need seating and a snack bar design? Limiting your kitchen remodeling project to a kitchen island that only provides basic counter space can be restrictive. Do you want shelves, drawers, cabinets or a combination of all three? Now’s the time to “go as big as possible” with your kitchen remodeling ideas.
  • DRAWERS – Kitchen islands are almost always built to a standard work height to match existing counters, so there’s plenty of space beneath the top. Utensil drawers, special storage spaces for over-sized cooking pots or serving pieces are ideal additions.
  • CABINETS – the cupboards beneath a kitchen island counter can serve as an expanded pantry, or a spot for telescoping shelves, wine racks or custom storage features. These are one of the easiest of the kitchen remodeling decisions.
  • MEAL SERVICE – For many, the kitchen island becomes a spot for quick meals and snacks, especially for the kids. By adding a curved or straight overhang to the counter and at least a pair of stools, you’ve greatly expanded the value of your kitchen island kitchen remodeling project.
  • FOOD PREPARATION – Cooking for a family or a party always takes room to maneuver. One of the most common requests for a kitchen remodeling plan is how to get more room for preparing meals. A kitchen island is the answer, especially when you add electrical outlets for your small appliances.
  • BUFFET ON CALL – Whether it’s part of the plan or not, your kitchen hosts parties. It’s a gathering place on holidays and for special events. There’s no better place for setting out the pre-game snacks than a new kitchen island.
  • LOOKS – When planning your kitchen remodeling and possible kitchen island, take a good look around the room. Usually, the new island is created to match the existing design. But you have options. Serious chefs may choose a stainless steel counter top for the new island that’s to be used for food preparation.

We recommend you “shop” the myriad of magazines that provide ideas of what’s available for kitchen remodeling and bring them to Sims Remodeling experts. Kitchen remodeling is a specialty of ours and our custom cabinetry line can help you recreate your kitchen with strategic, creative additions. The addition of a custom kitchen island is a perfect place to start a kitchen remodeling project in Madison WI.

For more information about Kitchen Remodeling and planning in Madison WI, email Sims Exteriors and Remodeling or call– 608-825-4500.

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