Paint Or Stain — Kitchen Cabinet Finishing Choices

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Painted cabinetry has been the designer’s choice for many kitchen remodels in recent years.

The kitchen is the No. 1 target for remodeling projects and kitchen cabinet finishes are a hot topic. The ever-popular farmhouse style kitchen favors painted cabinetry for your Madison WI home. Still a first choice for many, wood stained cabinets remain in demand. Since cabinetry is a dominant feature in any kitchen remodel, choosing the right finish is critical.

If you’re wondering which – natural wood or a painted finish – is right for your new kitchen, consider the pros and cons of both. When it comes to cabinet choices a little research points out that the final finish is the ultimate deciding factor.

A Trendy Choice – Painted Kitchen Cabinets

A classic all-white kitchen has been the focal point of designers for years. It has given way to additional painted options including mixtures of gray, cream, green and blue. Most are pastel shades while some go with bold hues. Consider the advantages painted cabinets bring to your new kitchen:

  • Clean, crisp lines – the popular farmhouse kitchen is anchored by simple, colored cabinetry. Paint adds a clean, sleek look and done well, a flawless smooth finish.
  • Color fits your personality – anything goes from tranquil teal to cobalt blue or lipstick red. Paint showcases cabinet style and hardware. You can customize your kitchen with accessories to bring out your personality.
  • Paint covers well – if you’re planning to reuse your existing cabinets and cupboards knowing that paint will cover evenly is an advantage. You can add color to even low-cost structures making them look as good as high-end creations.
Kitchen Cabinet | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Wood stains give a kitchen a warmth and traditional styling.

While paint has become the finish of choice for many renovations it isn’t without its drawbacks. Before choosing from a wide-ranging palette of colors, consider:

  • Paint covers character – being thicker than stain and not absorbed into wood, paint covers any highlights of grain or texture. If you appreciate the natural beauty of wood consider stain that highlights it rather than paint that covers it.
  • Often priced higher – while painted cabinets aren’t always more expensive than stained versions they often are. Price always depends upon brand and source but expect to pay a premium for this popular option.
  • Harder to touch up – the problem includes knowing exactly what the manufacturer’s color is (there are dozens of reds, whites and grays on the market) and knowing how the original paint was applied. Cabinet-makers usually spray on the finish while touchups applied with a brush show up differently. Blending new with old paint requires and artists touch.

Wood-stained Cabinets – An Industry Standard

When your goal is highlighting the warmth and character of real wood, classic stains are the finish of choice. Consider the advantages of wood stains applied to new cabinets for your kitchen:

  • Showcase fine wood – stain doesn’t cover up the natural character of wood. Thinner than paint, stain seeps into the wood to enhance its natural attributes. Stain brings out all the wood’s distinctive features.
  • Easier touchups – touching up wood stains is easier because you can use anything from a paint brush to a marker – there are crayon-like options, too.
  • Usually costs less – cost is, of course, based on the size of your kitchen, cabinet construction, etc. However, stains tend to cost a bit less than paints for a similar space.
  • Highlights wood’s features – because stain penetrates most wood, it “brings out the grain” of a piece of wood. If you’ve invested in top-quality wood for your cabinets it makes sense to showcase its best features, right?

There’s more to the trend toward painted cabinetry that a taste for color. Wood-stained cabinets have their drawbacks, including:

  • Blemishes show up – like beauty, blemishes in wood are in “the eye of the beholder.” Some call the same thing “character.” Wood has its imperfections that can be covered up by paint but shine through stain.
  • Only ideal for real wood – stains don’t work well on medium density fiberboard (MDF) which is the basis for many lower cost cabinets. Paints don’t look any different from one MDF surface to another while stains do. When you’re investing in a new kitchen and want the warmth of wood choose cabinets formed from a wood species that accepts the stain color you’re planning to use. Not every stain works with every wood. Hickory on oak? Cherry on pine?

Consider Stain And Paint In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
The best of both? Combining painted and stained surfaces provides a unique appeal.

Obviously both paint and stain have their place in the modern kitchen. Among the trending design features for new kitchens is combining both wood accents and painted finishes in the same space. Taking advantage of all the best features of each makes sense, right?

Consider the benefits of a combination in your new space:

  • Dark surfaces show dust – both dark, bold paints and dark wood stains show dust. Like it or not, every home has dust in the air and it clings to cabinets and cupboards. The darker the surface the more you’ll see it.
  • Light surfaces show fingerprints – lighter wood stains and light paint colors show fingerprints, chips and other kitchen stains.

With the kitchen of the modern home the hub from which the day’s activities spin, making sure it’s an easy-to-clean space makes sense. Taking into account each surface’s pros and cons is vital to the final decision.

Cabinets and cupboards take up the most visual space in your kitchen. They can highlight the design or overpower the location. While color and texture are important, form should take a backseat to function – cabinets and cupboards have to provide storage and organization.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Whether you choose paint or natural wood stain for your new kitchen your choice transforms the space. Your lifestyle shines through the final finish. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme and floorplan for the re-energized kitchen don’t underestimate the value of professional installation.

Your vision for the new kitchen, its layout and your lifestyle all factor into your cabinet choices. When it is time revitalize your kitchen call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us and we’ll help create a kitchen plan. We represent manufacturers of high-quality fixtures and cabinetry. Combine our craftsmanship, years of experience and high-end products and we’ll provide the best kitchen cabinets for your Madison WI home.

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