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When the Wisconsin weather shifts gears outside smart windows keep you connected so the climate inside remains just as you like it.

The ability to manage an assortment of household functions from a smart phone or similar device is the key feature of the smart home phenomenon. Pella Windows has developed “smart” features for windows to upgrade the efficiency of your Madison WI area home.

The new Lifestyle Series of wood-framed windows and doors from Pella includes high-tech features like blinds between window panes, retractable window screens and built-in security sensors. The upgraded series is available in awning, casement and double-hung windows plus hinged and sliding patio doors.

As a recognized leader in the replacement window and door arena, Pella engineers devote countless hours working on innovations that translate into benefits for your home. The goal is to make life easier.

Fit Smart Windows To Your Smart Home

The concept of a “smart” residence builds on the search for three basic things: Convenience, individual and family comfort and security. Homeowners all desire these three – but not necessarily in that order. Your family’s lifestyle and location may dictate which of these is your top priority.

When it comes to Pella’s high-tech windows, it doesn’t matter. They address all three needs. They combine performance and the latest technology to deliver top value.

Young homeowners, especially those looking to remodel and upgrade their first house, definitely want to connect to mobile systems. Past generations looked to install high-tech features like air-conditioning. Today, high-tech advances are measured in connectivity to the Internet and deliver almost instant WiFi connectivity. Access to web-based applications and mobile devices is now one of the basic utilities. Early stages include controlling lights and adjusting the thermostat. They’ve added the ability to control garage doors and security systems.

Pella has taken homeowner concern for security to new heights with an app to monitor windows and doors. It also controls between-the-glass blind and roll-up shades.

A feature of these replacement windows earning rave reviews is that there’s no drop-off in style to gain technology. Performance matches good looks.

The list of options includes:

  • Remote-controlled integrated blinds between window panes
  • RolscreenTM retractable window screens
  • Integrated security sensors – The InsynctiveTM app and bridge
  • Triple-pane AdvancedComfortTM Low-E insulated glass

Benefits Of Mobile-access Apps

You can get timely notices of window and door status in your home on your smart phone or other device. The Pella app is free.

Accessing the Pella Insynctive program allows homeowners to monitor windows and doors from anywhere. Connecting from a mobile device you can:

  • Make sure windows and doors are as you want them – open or closed.
  • Check to be sure windows and doors are locked or unlocked.
  • Program real-time alerts to tell you when windows and doors are locked, unlocked, opened or closed.
  • Program motorized blinds and shades to raise or lower on your dedicated schedule.

Talk about built-in peace of mind. No more worrying when a Wisconsin rain shower blows up unexpectedly and you don’t remember if you left windows open. Or you need to make sure the house is open for the kids after school. High-tech windows are an asset to your energy bill, too.

The factory-installed sensors of the Insynctive system are the first in the industry to respond to a free app. To turn household renovations and replacing windows into a high-tech home project, these smart windows are available in several Pella window and door choices. In addition to the newest models in the Lifestyle Series, the advances are available here:

  • Architect Series traditional styling
  • Architect Series contemporary styling

The between-the-glass blinds and shades are operated in three ways:

  • Manually as usual
  • By in-room remote control units
  • Via a smart device and all-home automation system – thanks to the free app

Smart Home Tech Takes Skilled Installation

All window replacements require a high level of expertise and skill to insure top performance. That means they are only as good as their installation. All that stands between “just another window” and high-tech smart windows is a team of skilled, trained and factory-certified professionals. Pros found at Sims Interiors & Remodeling.

In addition to topflight training and commitment to details, the Sims team has all the right tools to ensure your replacement window job gets done correctly. When you’re ready to kick off the next decade with the highest tech in the window industry, contact Sims Exteriors & Remodeling. Call 608-825-4500, or email us. The Insynctive systems will open your eyes to the possibilities of a smart home for you in Madison WI.

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