Personality Drives Kitchen Style

Kitchen Style | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Natural light and natural materials energize a kitchen update.

If you’re like most homeowners a comfortable kitchen style is high on your wish list. With dozens of options for your Madison WI home, professional interior designers caution not to get caught up in trendy décor. Their advice: inject your personality and personal lifestyle into every makeover.

While it may be the hot topic on TV and in videos, maybe a farmhouse-style kitchen isn’t for you. Your home’s footprint may not be suited to force an “open floorplan” into it. Let what you and your family like dictate your style.

Your family, no doubt, spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s for more than cooking and storing utensils. Family activities kick off from here, homework gets done, bills get paid and guests gravitate to the space.

You have choices to fit your family – and the ability to custom-design whatever you like.

Choose A Kitchen Style That Fits

Kitchen design styles are commonly considered in groups. One may be perfect for your personality. But, it is more likely you’ll blend styles and come up with a hybrid of your own making. That’s the way to get exactly what you need. Don’t get nudged into a “box,” create your own box.

Kitchen Style | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Unique accents and design elements allow personality to shine in this new kitchen.

Among the recognized kitchen styles are:

  • Contemporary, sophisticated – this style features clean lines and glossy finishes. Another of the minimalist type creations with sleek lines, neutral colors and natural light. Smart kitchen storage to keep surfaces clear and décor accessories promoting simple elegance.
  • Farmhouse, traditional – richly textured amenities creating a cozy feel. Muted, natural colors anchor the space. Highlights may include modern butcher block countertops, wooden beams and painted board wall treatments. Glass door cabinets and open shelves are popular. An ideal space for a kitchen island with furniture-style legs. Farmhouse sinks are recognized by their unique front apron. Vintage-look plumbing fixtures and lights complete the scene.
  • Go “retro” – a relatively new title, a retro kitchen combines open spaces with practical family-friendly spaces. Incorporate clean lines, stylish finishes and special colors. Lime, turquoise, orange and red are popular accents. Unique cabinetry with minimal hardware is popular. Modern styling combines with mid-century touches like glass tiles in geometric patterns, wooden accessories and stools for the kitchen island eating space. Light fixtures range from simple to dramatic – basic white globes to starbursts.
  • Industrial chic – if you’re a serious home chef this is a style to consider. It features a heavy emphasis on kitchen tools and food preparation spaces. Stainless steel is the basic material used from appliances to countertops. Efficiency is the goal so open shelves, deep sinks with pullout faucets and pot-filler fixtures are popular. Pot racks and bar stools for seating around the metal-topped island are popular, too.

Consider Universal Design For Your New Kitchen

The movement called “Universal Design” is known by some as designing for aging in place. When it comes to a new kitchen, the concept works for anyone looking for convenience. It has no age restrictions. If you like a simple, clean, open and efficient kitchen, it’s for you. The number one principle in the design is providing plenty of space to get around – think wheel chair access – and cabinets and shelves that are easy to access. That means lower countertops, kitchen faucets with handles instead of knobs and plenty of lighting. Slip-resistant floors are a good idea, too.

Before you give in to the urge to knock down walls and replace cabinetry and shelving, give serious thought to what you expect to get out of your new kitchen. Ask yourself: “Why do I want to change the kitchen I have now?” There are plenty of good reasons. Discuss the situation with your family. Make sure everyone understands a major kitchen remodel is a disruption that lasts weeks or even months.

If you’re thinking about refreshing the kitchen to make it more “saleable” in the near future, beware of popular trends. You cannot read the minds of potential buyers and what’s trendy today for your age group may be well out of fashion for a buying crowd. Stick to basic upgrades and focus on efficiency and low maintenance.

Revitalize Your Kitchen

If you’re planning an update because you will be in this house a long, long time different options are available. This is the time to let your personality and creativity shine. Here are some points to consider as you move forward:

  • Respect architectural integrity – there are many older homes in the Madison area reflecting styles of historic times. Modernizing a kitchen to make it efficient makes sense. However, it also makes sense to stay within the design elements of the past era and preserve the character of the home.
  • Don’t skimp on cabinetry – when you walk into a kitchen what catches your eye? Almost always the cabinets. New cupboards and under-counter cabinets are the anchors of a kitchen. Solid, well-finished cabinets are worth it.
  • Know when it is “too” trendy – there are dozens of magazine showing off all the latest style trends. They make for good reading and pretty pictures. But, do they fit the way your family uses the kitchen? Be realistic in your selections. Go for organization and efficiency, then looks.
  • Function trumps form – think of all the pots, pans, plates, spices, cake mixes, cutting boards and gadgets you’re storing in your kitchen right now. Are you planning to eliminate some of them? Or are you looking to increase storage space so they are easier to access? Think about finding a place for everything from wine bottles and small appliances to everyday dishes and a waste basket. In the months ahead you’ll be thankful for advanced planning.

Create Your Dream Kitchen

As you work through your kitchen planning keep in mind these words of interior design wisdom;

  • “Your kitchen should be bright, airy and filled with personal touches – it should never be bland!”
  • “Look back… remember, the party always ends up in the kitchen!”

When you’re ready to set the wheels in motion to create a new, up-to-date kitchen, call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us. Specialists in kitchen remodeling, we’ll review your wish list and evaluate your space. A kitchen makeover is a big commitment and you want assurances that everything will be done exactly right. We understand the value of a timely, updated  kitchen style in your Madison WI home.

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