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When you’re opening your kitchen to the rest of the house, why not install a new window to open it to the outside, too?

From a whole house remodel to breathing fresh air into a kitchen or living area it makes sense to incorporate the latest in new windows and doors into the plan. If you’re opening up your kitchen to the rest of the living space, why not open it to the outdoors, too? Take advantage of all the natural light and the view your Madison WI property has to offer.

Making changes to the interior is the No. 1 challenge for most remodelers. Changing windows and doors is often a second-level change made more for energy efficiency than style. That’s a mistake. Windows and doors combine style with function to meet everyday demands.

A new window or door transforms the entire feel of a room. Replacing a single window in the kitchen with a stylish bay window not only lets in more light, it makes a statement. New French doors leading to a dining room or out to a patio add to the “wow” factor, too.

As you begin your planning think about the existing windows and doors. Do they meet your needs? Do they add to the overall efficiency and enjoyment of the space? Questions like these help clarify your next steps.

A remodeling project, big or small, is an excellent opportunity to upgrade windows and doors.

Considerations For New Windows And Doors

New Windows And Doors | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
A new entry door adds charm along with security and comfort to you home’s interior.

Your options among windows and doors range from size, shape and mechanical operation to color. Consider your options:

  • Basic layout – do you have space for two single windows or two side-by-side? To take advantage of the natural surroundings and all the available natural light your options range from bay windows and picture windows to arched and decorative styling.
  • Above and beyond – transom windows above a door or larger window add traditional style and often color. Sidelight windows on one or both sides of a door create unique light options and visibility around an entry door. Transom windows come in operating styles – like an awning window above a standard installation – and fixed installations. They also come with decorative, shaped and colored glass.
  • Differing designs – the most popular style for single installations are double-hung windows. In addition, casement windows are ideal for many situations. A window’s function weighs against its location and the space in which you plan to use them.
  • Swap windows for doors – when opening your kitchen to the rest of the house, opening the house to your outdoor living area makes sense, too. A small window – or even a large one – can be replaced by any number of door options. If you want easier access to your outdoor space consider swapping out a window or two for a new door.
  • Custom finishes and colors – modern windows and doors are a significant part of a designer’s style. They go far beyond the basic white or oak-finished wood frames. Colored window frames add to the elegance of your room. Consider anything from standard white or almond hues to deep brick red or solid black painted window or door frames. Wood-framed windows and wood doors are available in dozens of stains to match other woodwork and trim.

Bring An Established Living Space To Life

It doesn’t matter which room in your home you’re planning to change. There are basic elements to consider for every renovation, big and small. Include in your file of resources lists of materials and styles that fit your lifestyle. Here are a few key items to make note of:

  • Think efficiency and quality – when it comes to windows and doors each unit’s energy efficiency is important. When you’re making an investment like this, it makes sense to get the most “bang for your buck,” right?
  • Enhance curb appeal – choose materials and finishes to match and complement light fixtures and nearby trim. Blend styling with appliances and furnishings – add color and texture to any room.
  • Consider history and appropriate era – windows and doors that bring back the glamor and elegance of bygone days underline your home’s history and legacy.

Every room in your house reflects the lifestyle of your family and personal style. If you’re not sure where to go after collecting your thoughts, check out these two links: Ideas for New Windows and Ideas for New Doors.

A new front door ranks in the Top 10 for best return on investment for home improvement projects according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value report. On the outside a new front door highlights curb appeal while inside it provides protection and comfort. From a selection of customized glass and hardware to wood and finish choices front doors in hundreds of variations.

Doors and replacement windows are all leaping into the second decade of the 21st century. The Smart Home concept is built into the latest windows and doors. They can be locked and unlocked via smart phone and shades can be lowered and lifted. Technology advances every day.

Anchor New Windows And Doors With Pro Installation

New Windows And Doors | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
A classic front door says welcome far better than its mat, and increases the value of you home, too.

When you’re finalizing remodeling plans with new windows or the addition of a door or two never undervalue professional installation. Even the best windows don’t live up to their billing when installed poorly. New windows or a new door represent a significant portion of a remodeling budget. It doesn’t make sense to skimp on qualified installation at this stage, right?

Whether you’re looking for better natural light, improved energy efficiency or just good looks you expect quality performance. You can stretch your creativity or replace existing units. No matter which completes your renovation plan, the right choice makes your finished space comfortable and efficient.

Your lifestyle, your home’s layout and your vision for the future all factor into your choices. When it is time to upgrade and revitalize your home call 608-825-4500, or email us and we’ll put together a complete plan. Sims Exteriors & Remodeling excels at creating remodeling plans, large and small. In addition, we represent manufacturers of high-quality new windows and doors.

Combine our years of experience and craftsmanship with high-end products and we’ll provide the best new windows and doors for your Madison WI home.

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