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Nothing has friends and relatives saying “wow” faster than impressive new windows.

Don’t let the thought of replacing windows keep you awake at night. The list of benefits gained from new windows in your Madison WI home is a long one. Replacement windows not only make your home look good, they make life more enjoyable. New windows enhance curb appeal and provide visual interest indoors, too. They can reduce energy costs by closing air leaks. They make life more comfortable by letting more natural light inside and keeping annoying sounds out. In addition, modern windows are easier to clean.

Here’s a quick look at a list of immediate benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – fewer drafts, lower heating and cooling costs
  • Fewer maintenance concerns
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great looks – a shape, style and color for every home design
  • Increased resale vale
  • Less street and neighborhood noise inside the house
  • UV protection – less fading of upholstery, drapes, flooring and carpets

In fact, it’s hard to find a home renovation project with more benefits.

Replacing Windows — Big Benefits For Older Homes

Replacement Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
When you’re replacing windows, why not go for an new experience like a bay or bow window?

Like the shingles on the roof and appliances in the kitchen, windows wear with age. As more and more Wisconsin seasons add environmental stresses they become less efficient. Because they show their age gradually, knowing when it’s time to replace your windows isn’t always easy. A good rule of thumb: if your home is 15 years old or older, it is at least time to begin thinking about new windows. Take a few minutes and check:

  • Are windows operating smoothly or do they stick? Do single- and double-hung windows stay up as they should?
  • Do they lock securely – do upper and lower frames meet snuggly so locks mesh properly?
  • Do they track properly or is there a “wobble” – for casement windows, is there a risk of them becoming misaligned?
  • Is there excess moisture on the inside of the glass?
  • Can you feel a draft when the wind blows directly on the window?
  • Are your windows easy to clean inside and outside?

If you find yourself saying “yes” to these questions, it is time to consider new windows. And, just because you home isn’t yet 15 years old doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of potential window problems.

It Is Time For New Windows When…

As with their owners, as homes get older they are subject to more ailments. Determining when it’s time for a change depends on many factors. The most common ones include:

  • A remodeling project – when you’re renovating any part of your home, new windows should be included in the design. Modern windows provide much more light and energy efficiency that they fit into any plan. Whether you’re restoring a house to its former glory or creating entirely new space, windows play role. Modern windows not only enhance the appearance outside, they are designed to blend with any décor inside. When you find a look that works inside, there’s one for outside, too. Unique windows – bows and bays for example – are ideal statement pieces for transforming your space.
  • Matching window styles – homeowners face the dilemma of replacing one or two windows at a time or redoing all the windows in the house. Depending upon the style, they risk a hodge-podge look of different window styles, materials and brands. A whole house replacement plan ensures every window matches and provides the benefits of the latest technology in every room.
  • Weather damage – harsh Madison winters, summer storms and persistent UV ray penetration shortens the lifespan of your windows. For some the damage is slow to appear and the impact is felt only after years of exposure. Unfortunately, when storms rip through the region damage can be immediate and severe. Hail and high winds create unexpected demand for new windows every year.

Dollar-Value Window Decisions

The most obvious reasons for considering new windows involve saving money. Because heating and cooling cost are often on people’s minds, they get top billing. Consider:

  • Reducing energy costs – the most publicized reason for new windows is to reduce heating and cooling costs. While significant savings are evident on energy bills in months following new window installations, recovering the overall cost of window replacements take time. It takes years. But because of the immediate savings and impact on daily life, most people make it a high priority. Understanding the benefits of energy-efficient windows is an important step. Modern windows provide higher insulating qualities through high-tech frame design and heat-reflecting low-E glass coatings. Using multiple panes of glass with argon gas between the panes is one of the high-tech money-savers.
  • Improving resale value – when it comes time to consider selling your home, modern windows are an important sales feature. Even if your aren’t planning to sell any time soon, replacing worn, outdated or inefficient windows will pay down the road. During a pre-sale inspection, problems with windows are one of the most often cited concerns. And because new windows add to the overall good looks – inside and outside – they pay in that way, too. In today’s real estate market searches usually begin with an online search so first impressions from a picture are vital.

Lesser-known Considerations

There are lesser-known and often undervalued reasons that should be considered, including:

  • Security, personal safety – Are your windows easy to open and close? Can every member of the family operate each window with ease? Windows that won’t open, won’t stay open and are hard to open are risks to family members and pet. Especially if there’s a fire. Making sure every window works as it should is a top priority. High-quality windows protect your property, too. UV rays penetrating your home fade carpets, furnishing, window treatments and art work. Energy-efficient windows with treated glass – and high-tech sun screens – reduce fading and increase the life of your belongings. Modern glass blocks as much as 95% of the sun’s damaging rays.
  • Personal health – keeping the outside where it belongs is a high priority for anyone with allergies. Today’s replacement windows work wonders at reducing dust and allergens that penetrate your home.
  • Comfortable living – has your neighborhood changed over the years? Maybe from more traffic noise and neighbors? Replacing your windows with modern designs like dual-panes and laminated glass reducing the outside noise you hear inside. In addition to lower energy costs and better security new windows contribute to peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Less work for you – many homeowners don’t remember the days of changing storm and screen windows in older homes. Or, if you do you don’t remember them fondly. Modern windows incorporate high-efficiency screens for peak performance and now seasonal maintenance. Vinyl and vinyl- or metal-clad windows eliminate most other demanding tasks like painting and staining, too. Among the most popular features of new windows is the ability to clean both inside and outside from inside your home.

Rely Upon Professionals When Replacing Windows

With so many architectural styles in the Madison area, it’s a challenge to come up with just the right replacement windows. You have to determine style, color and the best materials. As you work toward a final decision it’s always best to consult a professional. All the popular styles have pros and cons. More importantly, professional installation can make or break the performance of any window. To get the most from your investment requires skilled installation.

High-quality installation by skilled, trained professionals – with the right tools – preserves energy-efficiency and design integrity. Done right your new windows fit seamlessly. When you decide it’s time to consider new windows, call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us. We welcome an opportunity to review options and ideas for replacing windows in your Madison WI home.

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