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So many elements go into breathing new life into existing space it’s difficult knowing how to start.

There are so many moving parts in a home renovation it takes coordination and skill to create successful remodeling solutions. Coordination between the people with the “plan” and an experienced remodeling contractor is vital in getting the results you want for your Madison WI home.

An immediate question is: Do you need an interior designer or a general contractor to put a plan in motion? Working with most design firms you’ll get a plan for the space but will still need the workmanship of a contractor. Many interior designers work closely with preferred contractors. Some do the planning and handoff their designs for your follow-through with a contractor.

An ideal solution for many homeowners is working with a dedicated remodeling contractor like Sims Exteriors & Remodeling. With decades of experience, Sims combines all the specialties of a full-service contractor with the ability to develop a remodel plan and provide all the required drawings and working documents.

Contractor-based Remodeling Solutions

When you’ve decided it’s time to commit to a significant home improvement project you want to get the most from your dollar investment, right? When you have a concept for your new space in mind, you can work closely with a remodeling team. Steps toward a successful conclusion your contractor will guide include:

  • Putting your design on paper – even the smallest renovation needs a blueprint. It needs a professional to translate your thoughts and ideas to documents craftsmen can follow. Your concept evolves into a series of detailed, technical drawings and specification. Note, however, final plans are likely based on practical applications of contractor technology rather than aesthetics or design concepts. That may be good or bad. Practical usually means efficient construction translating to lower cost and quicker completion. Artistic impression reflects unique personalities and preferences but often take longer and cost more to implement.
  • Realistic budgeting – when your project is based upon a contractor’s most efficient work flow, it’s easier to control costs. Working with a remodeler usually means sourcing and obtaining specialty products on your own. Traditionally, contractors work with clients and preferred suppliers for things like light fixtures, floor and wall coverings, tile, etc.
  • “Making it happen” – once your concept is on paper a team of contractors comes together to make the project reality. Plumbers, electricians and other subcontractors step in. Permits obtained and inspections scheduled and completed.
  • Reliable planning – nothing derails a remodeling project like changes and unforeseen obstacles. Contractors with decades of on-site remodeling experience have seen most every possible problem. As a result, they’re ready to head off delays and anticipate bottlenecks.

Each of these steps reflects on overall project management. General contractors frequently manage projects with in-house specialists overseeing each phase. And they use subcontractors which whom they have long-term relationships.

Designers Contribute Remodeling Solutions

Remodeling Solutions | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Translating wishes to plans and plans to reality is the challenge every remodeling contractor looks forward to.

Most remodeling contractors provide at least some design service. In addition, most welcome the opportunity to bring a professional interior design team into the mix. How do you and your contractor benefit from including an interior designer?

  • Interior designers handle the “little things” – contractors want their crews focused on getting projects done on time and within budget. Minutia and details slow them down. Homeowners bring specific expectations to every project but often don’t understand how things get done. Emotions get in the way. An interior design specialist is an excellent “go-between” helping to head off stress on both sides.
  • A two-way relationship – interior design firms work closely with preferred contractors and remodeling pros have design firms they like partnering with. These relationships get homeowners better service and access to many more resources they may never know exist. Contractor/Designer collaborations are profitable for everyone.

When you bring your drawings, notes and images to a contractor the stage is set. A project outlined by preexisting conditions – making changes within the same footprint, etc. – limits design options. A contractor is developing working plans rather than a pure design picture. When remodeling includes an addition or reworking walls, windows or architectural features a designer’s talents shine. A typical process includes creating an “owner, designer, contractor triangle.” The design function may be provided by the general contractor or outside talent.

Combine Design/Build Resources

Working with a firm like Sims that provides both the design and building component for your home remodel project has advantages. Recognized benefits Working in your favor including:

  • A one-stop-shopping – concept for all your design and construction element.
  • Cost savings – one resource providing the services of designers, architects, engineers and carpenters. One company to pay and one company to budget for.
  • Fewer conflicts – no “the designer said” vs. “the contractor wants.” There’s one referee when it comes to deciding which is the “right” way to build. One source translating plans and transmitting concerns, etc.

Homeowners voice concerns when the design and construction elements are all under the same umbrella, including:

  • Lack of creativity – the design may be practical and economical to build but does it reflect your personality. Does it have the artistic touch of a design pro?
  • No third party checking on to be sure nobody is cutting corners.

To work successfully with a contractor for every phase of your remodel you must have confidence and trust in the company and its people.

Customize Remodeling Solutions For Your Home

In this decade of uncertainty and “stay-at-home” recommendations making the most of your living space is more important than ever, isn’t it? Has your family outgrown existing bathrooms? Is the kitchen outdated and cluttered? Is your basement an untapped resource just waiting for somebody to enliven it?

A walk through your home reveals a long wish list. Everywhere you look – TV, the Internet and in publications – people are heralding the wonderful things a remodel means to your home life. So, where do you begin? Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is ready help see your dreams become reality. There are so many options you need a professional team that’s seen fads come and go and keep up with popular trends. In the end, it’s your lifestyle and your home. Whatever you want is “right.” Once you decide what that is, the challenge is finding the best route to make it happen.

Scour the media and stockpile ideas from all the sources before your talk to the pros. A call to Sims Exteriors & Remodeling, 608-825-4500, or an email gets the process rolling. We understand your remodeling challenge from one room to whole house makeovers. We’re ready to breathe new life into your home.

Sims has been finding solutions for Madison homeowners for decades. Let our craftsmen incorporate the latest remodeling trend and building techniques into the perfect remodeling solutions for your Madison WI area home.

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