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Natural materials, soft colors and plenty of natural light add elegance and serenity to this master bath.

What’s a real remodeling trend and what’s a short-lived design fad? Go back to the earliest reruns of popular home makeover TV and you’ll quickly see that many of their hottest ideas have faded away. The good news for Madison WI homeowners looking to make changes and upgrade is that solid trends have become standards.

Are you dreaming of a new sparkling kitchen remodel, a spa-like master bathroom makeover or knocking down walls to take advantage of an open concept floor plan? Only your imagination and budget slow you down. There are dozens of ways to make your dream fit your lifestyle. Before you peruse dozens of publications and binge-watch HGTV consider five concepts that have become the building blocks of most home remodel goals. They represent trends that have, and will, withstand the test of time:

  • Light-colored kitchen décor
  • Traditional-styling in the bathroom
  • Accents in shades of blue and gray
  • Hard-working storage – kitchen islands, pantries, etc.
  • Common sense traffic patterns

The home design site, HOUZZ is a source of great ideas with photos to stir the imagination. It recently reviewed features since the early 2000s and found these trends to be on-point.

Which Remodeling Trend Fits

The two rooms ranking 1 and 2 on the list of most needing renovation are the kitchen and bathroom. Technology and lifestyle changes make these vital spaces appear outdated quickly. Which is atop your list?

The kitchen evolved to be the hub of modern family activity. It’s well past being the room where meals are prepared and eaten. While those are vital to daily life, your kitchen is much more – the place for friends and family to gather for special occasions, kids to do homework and much more, isn’t it? Planning a kitchen remodel takes into account traffic flow, working room and the latest fixtures. It also includes décor – paint colors, tile choices and cabinetry. Your personal style really shines in a new kitchen.

Your bathroom is equally important but it’s features and benefits are seldom on display. They’re more personal. Yet because the space is where you start and finish your day you want it to be both comfortable and efficient.

Which Kitchen Remodel Ideas Are For You

Your home’s footprint goes a long way to dictate what works best in your kitchen. In older homes with few sources of natural light, a popular option is to knock down a wall or two. That’s not always possible. Keeping a relatively small space inviting and functional requires light. You can achieve that through overhead fixtures combined with décor choices.

When White Is Right — If you read enough you’ll come across a “big city” designer proclaiming that “a white kitchen is a thing of the past.” Don’t believe it. If you want to brighten the space don’t shy away from a white tile backsplash, white countertops or white cabinets. There are many ways to bring color into the room in other ways. Have you seen the navy blue appliances or a kitchen with dark-colored cabinets below the countertop and white above? HOUZZ reports a photo of a kitchen with white cabinets that first appeared about 10 years ago is still its most popular image post. (When you’re planning a remodel, review image after image and “steal” liberally from the ideas they represent!) Another way to lighten your kitchen is to use light wood cabinets and light, wood-tone floor tiles. You don’t need to shy away from white but there are “white-ish” alternatives that fit, too.

Beyond Monochromatic (one-color) Design

Remodeling Trend | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Sometimes “white is right” for a kitchen makeover – note bright color accents and natural wood tile plus a real wood island.

It is a full-color world so why resist thinking of more than one color combination in the kitchen? The monochromatic color scheme popular decades ago – white with black accents – is still worth considering, but don’t overlook the full spectrum.

Using bold colors can be tricky. What really grabs you today may get “old in a hurry” as you mature. Do you still like the same fashions and color combination today you “had to have” a decade ago?

Stepping up design thoughts to replace pure white, gray, cream and various pastel shades gained acceptance. Gray walls behind white cabinets, or gray cabinets make stylish statement. Neutral colors provide backdrops for bold blues, greens and even red. Your personal preference and family lifestyle dictates what’s “right.”

Combining these popular hues is softer, muted shades creates an inviting, comfortable feel. Is that something you want in a kitchen that’s the nerve-center of your family activity?

Storage Space – Your Cannot Have Too Much

There’s an old saying: “The more storage space you have, the more you’ll find to fill it up.” With advances in kitchen technology – space-grabbing small appliances, pots and pans, etc. – storage space in any kitchen is at a premium. Have you been overheard complaining about a lack of counter space a spot for the new coffee maker?

When homeowners get tired of their kitchen their concerns almost always link to finding space for everything they need. What are the two most sought-after additions to a kitchen? A hard-working kitchen island is No. 1. A spacious pantry is No. 2. Cabinets and countertops rank right up there, too, of course but they also related to useable space and storage.

A kitchen island is high on the list of “must have” features for two reasons:  1. In most cases it works hard for a busy family; 2. It looks so efficient in photos of new kitchen designs. Unfortunately, a kitchen island doesn’t work for everyone. Do your homework and consult a professional remodeling contractor before getting your heart set on an installation that doesn’t fit.

Whether or not an island fits your kitchen there are other storage options as well. Creative cabinetry leads to specialized space for utensils and important cooking/baking tools. Common designs wind up with “dead” spaces in corners or near appliances. Unless you’re designing a new kitchen to exactly line up with cabinet and appliance sizes you’ll deal with these. Get creative with dedicated spots for odd-shaped items like cookie sheets, trays and cutting boards.

As with installation of a new, large kitchen island not every home has room for a pantry. Again, creative planning makes the most of space you have with serviceable shelves and cabinets – wall-mounted, build-in or stand-alone.

Stay Calm, Stay Cool – All Through Your Home Remodel

Asking homeowners to “stay calm” during a major, life-altering remodeling project is asking a lot, for sure. But in this case it really refers to your overall approach to the final project. You home is your retreat from a hectic world. In 2020 it may have stepped up to serve as office, classroom, coffee shop, diner and health club. Beyond all that it’s your refuge. When you step into the main living area – living room, family room, great room, whatever you call it – you want to “get back to normal,” don’t you?

Another remodeling trend that will never fall from grace is a take on the “KISS” principle – Keeping it simple. One of the reasons the open concept for living spaces is so popular is that it allows easy communication and movement. No walls or barriers to slow down interactions. For some that’s a great design. For those who like the traditional separation keeping it simple, elegant and functional is equally possible.

A decade ago it was trendy to use distinctive splashes of vibrant colors and bold patterns. When it came to wall décor, bigger and brighter was beautiful. If that what you love today, go for it. But explosions of color and texture are more fad than long-lasting influence. In the second decade of the 21st century interior design trends revived calming, minimalist solutions. Providing a calm and relaxing environment away from the hectic pace of daily life is welcomed isn’t it? Maintaining a serene and inviting style throughout the house makes it a home. Removing clutter and excess “noise” is a relief everywhere from in front of the wide-screen TV to the bedroom.

Long-term Bathroom Remodeling Trend

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to upgrade a powder room, guest bath or your master bathroom, foresight is a virtue. Unless you’re going for an “oh wow” statement consider muted, natural tones and materials.. Aren’t you likely to appreciate a relaxing, spa-like ambiance more than a harsh wakeup call every day?

You can use a subdued color palette and still make a statement. Contemporary tiles bring color and texture into the space. In many cases you cannot expand the footprint of the room. New tile, new cabinets, windows and fixtures provide that “wow” you’re looking for. Even a walk-in shower is possible in relatively small spaces. Check it out.

When you stay with tried and true materials you don’t have to give up a dream and become boring. Is a shower with wood-look tile walls resembling reclaimed barn wood boring? How about a marble tile floor with under-tile heat? Or a sink that looks like an elegant blown-glass serving bowl?

Give Life To Your Favorite Remodeling Trend

There are some remodeling formats that have been so overdone they make you cringe. The fads made popular on TV come and go. There are, however, remodeling trends that stand up to scrutiny and wear well over time. When does a “trend” become a standard? Having seen fads come and go Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is ready to work with you to see your dreams become reality. In the final analysis: it’s your home and your family’s lifestyle, so whatever you want is “right.”

After you’re scoured the media and liberally stolen ideas from all the sources – and before you throw up your hands is despair – talk to the pros ready to breathe new life into your home. Call Sims Exteriors & Remodeling at 608-825-4500 or email us. We understand the remodeling process from one room to whole house makeovers. We’ve been finding solutions for Madison homeowners for decades. Take advantage of our ability to sort fads from long-term solutions. Let our craftsmen incorporate the latest remodeling trend into your Madison WI area home.

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