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When you compare the replacement windows contractors on your list, be sure you have all the elements in equal terms …compare apples-to-apples.

When making a replacement windows decision, window quality and workmanship is of primary importance. The two cannot be separated. Window replacement is a significant decision and the contractor chosen to do the job can make or break the project.

Selecting the right replacement windows contractor in Madison WI can be difficult. There are many choices. We urge you to talk to more than one contractor and compare windows, compare companies and compare the way they stand behind their work and their replacement windows.

Personal interviews with replacement windows contractors in Madison Wisconsin can be beneficial. But, you are never obligated to set up an in-home visit with any replacement windows contractor. Only make a personal appointment when your questions about replacement windows and the window replacement process have been adequately answered. If you believe the company and its products are a good match to your replacement windows needs, then you’re ready to take the next step and get a solid price quote.

Window Replacement Options

In Madison Wisconsin there are many sources of window replacement services. There are those who advertise “special offers.” Most are not that special. Sorting out the top contractors for replacement windows from those offering “super, for a limited time only,” deals can be troubling. Keep in mind, premium replacement windows perform similarly. Their construction, insulation properties and coatings are similar. They will all perform well.

So, what’s the difference when it comes to replacement windows that are very much alike? It is the quality of the work performed by the window installation crews along with the way a replacement windows contractor stands behind his products and people.

Our goal is not only to help you find the right replacement windows in Madison WI, but to be totally satisfied and happy with the process. This is a significant decision and it isn’t inexpensive. We know that premium replacement windows will perform up to their potential when installed correctly. The following list of comparison points is an effort to assist you in finding replacement windows in Madison WI at an honest price with quality installation and exceptional follow-up to the work. Use the list to compare as many replacement windows contractors in Madison WI as you feel you need to. These elements allow you to compare them equally, apples-to-apples.

Compare Replacement Windows Installation Companies

The Total Price Quote
Get details to compare. Be sure the quote you get includes line-by-line specifications of each product and each professional service.

What Does the Business Stand For?
Does the replacement windows contractor you’re talking to structure his business to minimize overhead and eliminate unnecessary costs – such as elaborate showrooms, high-profile (too good to be true*) advertising promotions and a commission-based sales force?
*Offers that may include free labor, an entire home of windows complete for $1,495, etc..

A Price Guarantee
Nobody likes surprises when negotiating costs and prices. “Let the buyer beware,” applies. If a contractor cannot (or will not) guarantee a price…think twice. Sims provides a solid quote and honors it. No exceptions. If a contractor is only willing to provide an estimate or a price “range,” beware. The only reason to accept a price increase is when unforeseen structural damage is discovered after the project begins.

Integrity – Support After The Sale
Be certain the replacement windows contractor is ready to support each price, each product and every step of the windows replacement project. No gimmicks. No “fine print.” Unique or “special pricing” often translates poor performance. What isn’t the replacement windows contractor telling you? At Sims, our well-documented pricing and long-standing record of satisfied customers in Madison WI, consistently beats all the “specials.” We take pride in fair pricing.

Beware of Gimmicks!
Promotions all vary in “real” value. Ask the replacement windows contractors you talk with to give you their best value and their best quote the first time. Get the best price up-front. Beware of the “bait and switch” come-on – making great sounding offers at low prices only to have the replacement windows contractor say, “we could do that, but…” and pushing you toward windows with higher price tags.

Is Workmanship Guaranteed?
Guaranteeing the work done on your property is not the same as guaranteeing the replacement windows based on the manufacturer’s warranty. Does the replacement windows contractor in Madison WI cover the actions of his people? Does the replacement windows contractor make repairs if the installation isn’t “quite right.” Sims offers a complete 10-year workmanship warranty on every windows replacement installation job.

Replacemnt Windows - Madison WI - Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Pay attention to details and you won’t pay later for anything the replacement windows contractor missed or didn’t include in the original quote.

Do Subcontractors Get Paid On Time?
Ask how the contractor pays his subcontractors. If his answer raises more questions, be aware that subcontractors can file a contractor lien against your property. You don’t want to get struck paying for work the windows replacement contractor was obligated to cover. You could end up paying twice for your replacement windows.

Are the People Trained, Qualified?
Your replacement windows installation will be done faster and be more reliable when the installation crew is well-trained and highly-qualified. Sims craftsmen not only have long-term relationships with the company, they are all factory-trained and certified.

Quality Control
Ask the window replacement contractor who will be managing your project. An experienced manager is the anchor of a good outcome. At Sims, managers are experienced craftsmen, too. From the quote to the finished project, your windows replacement job is overseen by a true, experienced professional.

Who Is Responsible for the Permits?
The person or company pulling the permits required for a windows replacement project in
Madison Wisconsin is responsible for personal injury on the job. Be sure your choice for replacement windows will be pulling all the required permits. If they expect you to do it, you are responsible for a high level of liability. Sims pulls all the permits and maintains the production timelines to protect a homeowner’s liability issues.

Project Continuity
You should be confident that if a contractor starts a windows replacement project, he will finish it. Many replacement windows contractors are splitting their time between several projects, so you don’t get 100 percent of their attention. With Sims, when we begin a replacement windows project, we are on site until the job is done. Your windows replacement project will be done, beginning to end, on consecutive days.

Project Comparisons
We encourage you to use a Sims quote as your benchmark. Document all the costs of products and services. Remember, the replacement windows themselves are only a part of the quote. We itemize each activity, each fixture and each quality control check. When you compare, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Seeing Clearly Means More Than A New Window
Selecting the best replacement windows contractor in Madison WI requires an understanding of what the many options offer. The professionals at Sims are not only windows replacement experts from the beginning of the process to the final unveiling, they are specialists in remodeling challenges of all sorts.

The Bottom Line With Replacement Windows

After sorting through the bids from replacement windows contractors in Madison WI, make sure you have every quote in writing so you can indeed compare apples-to-apples. Accept no promises that a replacement windows contractor won’t put into writing.

If you have any questions about replacement windows, contact the pros at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling in Madison WI, at 608-825-4500 or email. We are replacement windows experts and will be happy to answer any questions you have. We feature premium Simonton vinyl replacement windows and a 10-year workmanship warranty for the Madison WI area including Middleton, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Oregon Verona, McFarland, Stoughton, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Deforest and all of Dane County.

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