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Proper installation of replacement windows makes a good window excellent, but poor workmanship can make a great window disappointing.

With replacement windows, the best window is only as good as the quality of its installation. The biggest mistake homeowners make is obsessing on statistics about replacement windows they buy for their homes and not demanding the same quality in the professional they choose to install them.

Spending money to buy the top of the line replacement windows and then cutting corners on installation can lead to long-term problems. Performance statistics are based on window replacement completed after expert installation. The key to success in Madison WI is the contractor chosen to do the work and the techniques the contractor uses to install the selected replacement windows. The bottom line is simple: the best products can be reduced to average or below average performance by poor window installation. Without attention to this critical detail, superior products will perform below par…no matter how much homework you do.

Air, Water & Bug Tight – Proper Installation of Replacement Windows

Window replacements rely heavily on quality workmanship - Sims offers a 10 years workmanship warranty
Window replacement relies heavily on quality workmanship – Sims offers a 10 years workmanship warranty

There’s more to window installation than just following the manufacturer’s instructions. To get it really right takes experience, attention to small details and true craftsmanship. Windows, along with siding, are your home’s first line of defense against the elements. When the window replacement job is done right, there should be next to no air infiltration and zero water infiltration.

You don’t install windows for a living, so how can you evaluate a replacement windows contractor? The following provides a frame of reference and basic guide as you review the entire replacement window installation task.

Installation Issues for Replacement Windows

  • Ultimate success requires starting with a quality window. Many major brands are very similar. The same glass, materials and gasses are often used by competitive window manufacturers. Sims relies upon high quality windows that are not brands built on high-volume sales or mass advertising. This translates into lower product cost for customers coupled with the highest performance specifications.
  • Insulation: The rough opening for a replacement window should be stuffed with batted insulation. If not, any advantages a window’s construction and glass coating can provide made be lost.
  • Windows should be wrapped with a bent cladding to create a self-enclosed unit. Sims’ exclusive built in “J” channel eliminates the old style vinyl “J” channel, adding a higher level of protection against water and pests.
  • Whenever possible, all areas should be caulked and sealed properly with a 25-year silicone to complete the seal your replacement windows — and your home.
  • Finally, Sims adds a cladded nailing flange taped to the wall with Weather-Max Extreme window tape to complete the ultimate self-enclosed unit.

Craftsmanship Is Key with Replacement Windows

As you research replacement window contractors, ask about their window installation process. Does it match well to the thoughts shared here? Their answers, along with the references they provide, will provide what you need to choose a contractor for your home. As specialists in installing replacement windows, siding and roofing in the Madison WI area, Sims Exteriors has perfected its installation techniques.

Contact Sims Exteriors at 608-825-4500 or email for the best replacement windows and quality window installation to match in Madison WI.

Cost vs Value – Replacement Windows

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