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10% Savings On 2020 Pricing Extended Through The Pandemic!

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Call for Your Free Quote Now to Get YOUR PROJECT DONE This Summer!

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Save 10% When You Book a Project During The Pandemic

  • Save $100’s or even $1000’s
  • Receive a 10-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Efficient Overhead Means Lower Cost To You
  • Best Product Warranties in the Industry
  • Superior Installation
  • Exceptional Performance

At Sims we have a very simple process:

  • No “pitch” – We listen to what you want to accomplish
  • No gimmicks – We show the best options for your situation
  • No short cuts – We Install your product choice at the highest professional standards
  • No kidding – We provide a 10 year workmanship warranty

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Read What Our Customers Say…

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“Wonderful, beautiful work—timely & professional. And your staff handled the unexpected problems found in the roof very helpfully, explaining the problems carefully to me and explaining options, as well as offering a much appreciated cost break for the supplies. I’m so glad I chose you! While you were not was not the cheapest proposal I got, but I got the top-notch quality I wanted and I’m glad I chose you!”

Victoria S., Madison, WI

“The work crew was extremely professional and polite. I was impressed by how hard they worked, and the quality that was produced. They were always prompt and efficient. We are very satisfied! Thanks!”

– Wes & Becky M., Cottage Grove, WI

“I got 4 bids for this job—yours was not the lowest—but I was impressed with your professionalism and use of technology to prepare my estimate. I can tell a lot about people by the way they do business. I thank JW for helping me choose the appropriate roof tile color and for matching our siding (repair) color so close.”

Susan S – Madison, WI

“I simply wanted you to know how impressed I am with the workmanship from Chad and Adam, as well as their professionalism. Not only did they do quality work, but they also showed great care for our home and cleaned up thoroughly.”

– Michael R., McFarland, WI

“Your staff was extremely helpful and informative about the process. You worked very hard as a company to deliver quality craftsmanship at a price we could afford. Thanks, Sims!”

– Greg & Mary R., Janesville, WI

“Thank you for all your help. Very courteous and polite. Excellent workmanship. Would recommend Sims to anyone looking for exterior work. Top notch company.”

– Tom C., Cottage Grove, WI

“Very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you!! Will not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Marge G – Monona, WI

“Pleasure to recommend. Sims replaced three roofs – very nice work, very pleasant to work with, quality materials. Would use again.”

Phyllis M

“We resided our house with Sims and would certainly recommend working with them …the workers that came out were very professional, and our main contact was a joy to work with. He did a great job staying in touch with us and keeping us updated on the progress with the house. I think our favorite thing working with Sims was how far beyond they went… When everything was all done, we had a brandnew looking house complete with several small upgrades giving us peace of mind over our property. Even with the little additions, we had no surprises with our final invoice which was great.”

Dan K.

“I have used SIMS three times over the past few years. Two roofs and new windows. I have just asked them for a quote on redoing my porch windows. I have recommended them to my neighbors who are pleased with their work. I rate them 5 stars. “

Thomas M

“I am so impressed with the work their entire team did on my remodel project (kitchen, master bath, powder room, walkin closet/laundry). Everyone involved was professional, friendly, and very skilled at their craft. They were a joy to work with – very good communication and follow up to details. Work was completed on time and on budget. I highly recommend Sims for honest, quality workmanship.”

Jane R.

“Sims just completed my “dream” project. (April 2019) I recently moved to a condo that needed updates to the bathrooms and kitchen. I just can say enough about how wonderful this company is. Starting with Aaron, He’s so kind, and compassionate. He gave me great ideas, suggestions and most of all a fair price. The carpenters are super as well. Shout out to Mike and Bubba who dealt with my bothersome questions and concerns in such a kind and friendly manner. (they were super with my dog as well who thought she was their supervisor!) The subcontractors were also great. Professional, attention to detail, kind, excellent workmanship, and helpful would be how to describe the Sims crew. I would highly recommend them. Like JW says on the commercial ” Better call
Sims” Thank you to Sims for making my dream a reality. I love my new home.”

Kate M.

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What Our Customers Say…

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Email Us Now & We
Will Call Back

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