Replacement Windows by Simonton represent one of the best window replacement options for homeowners in Madison WI and other cold weather climates. The Simonton Reflections line is built to withstand Wisconsin weather including blistering heat and humidity in the simmer as well as subzero temperatures in the winter.

Superior replacement windows are a combination of great design, high quality materials and flawless workmanship. Very few replacement windows boast all three of these components – Simonton Reflections windows, installed by Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, deliver performance and durability. In fact, every window that Simonton builds is AAMA Gold certified, which means it has passed stringent tests for air leakage, water infiltration and wind pressure

Simonton Reflections Replacement Windows Are designed To Keep The Weather Out

Keeping the Weather out is our specialty. Below are Simonton design features built to help homeowners protect and enjoy their homes.  They include –

  • Our patented Lap-Lok® meeting rail which overlaps and interlocks the sash to create a tight seal virtually eliminating air & water infiltration
  • The Intercept® Spacer System’s unique U-shaped design keeps glass warmer for increased efficiency and comfort, while flexing and contracting to reduce seal failure
  • Our exclusive Triple-Stepped Sloped Simonton Sill® forces water away from the window more quickly than flat conventional sills helping protect you home from water infiltration even in heavy rains

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Simonton® Reflections Design Features and Components Ensure Long Window Life

When it comes to Simonton®,  the quality is in the details. Below is a list of component and design features that combine to produce one of the best replacement windows on the face of the earth. Be sure to ask your Sims Exteriors and Remodeling window replacement pro about each item. They make the difference between the window you want and the bargain windows that usually disappoint.

A – Grids located between the two pieces of glass eliminate the need to dust or clean window grids

B – Operable sash that tilt and lift out allow you to clean both sides of the window quickly and easily, from inside your home

C – Reflections 5500 windows and doors remain low maintenance over time because they don’t require regular painting and do not rot, flake, peel or chip like wood windows.

D – A contoured lift rail is actually molded into the sash to provide lifetime durability

E – A stainless steel constant force coil spring balance system, allows you to easily move the window sash to any desired position, even after years of use

F – Our unique Denny ClipTM pivot system helps to maintain perfect sash alignment on Double Hung windows

G – Fusion-welded construction bonds each corner together to create a rigid, one-piece frame that offers reliable strength and durability

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Simonton® Replacement Windows Spacer Systems

A spacer system keeps a window and door’s glass panes a specific distance apart. It is designed to reduce heat transfer at the edge of the insulating glass unit.