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Cement tiles make a uniquely bold statement as a backsplash – remember, “a little goes a long way.”

There is no more important decision than choosing tile for the kitchen when you remodel. Today, dozens of new tile choices complicate the decision even more. Tile stores are full of new and creative options. Choosing what’s just right for your Madison WI home isn’t always easy. But, having a great selection of choices is great, right?

There’s no more important room in your home. And there’s not a room that benefits from the creative touch of tile more than your kitchen. Think about where tile will truly make a statement:

  • A custom-designed backsplash
  • Dramatic floor treatments
  • Accenting a new kitchen island

Let your creativity loose. There’s a tile for every preference – from stark white to matte black and every color in between.

White Tile For The Kitchen

You may read that white is no longer the color of choice for kitchens. Not true. It is still among the most popular and that won’t change any time soon. Why? White is classic and complements almost any design style from farmhouse chic to ultra-modern Scandinavian. White kitchen tile isn’t boring. You’ll see examples of basic “subway” tile everywhere. They remain top choices. But, consider your options among classic white tile:

  • Hexagon tiles – this special shape is popular among designers to create distinctive looks on walls and floors. Ideal for backsplash treatments they are available in many sizes. Consider elongated versions applied horizontally or vertically for added interest. Mix and match sizes for added contrast. With a dark grout for contrast they make a striking statement.
  • Herringbone patterns – large-, medium- and small-sized tiles all fit to create a herringbone pattern. Using basic shapes at an angle brings a classic look to a contemporary kitchen.
  • Mix ‘n Match – use a rotation of squares and rectangles to create unique patterns and themes. Create squares within squares. Colored grout adds impact

Within the selection of white and off-white hues textures, sizes and shapes help make up a large selection of possible applications.

Unique, Colorful Kitchen Tile Options

Tile For The Kitchen | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Sims Exteriors & Remodeling – Madison WI – 608-825-4500 – build around tile for the kitchen in your Madison area home.

One of the most popular tile trends puts cement tile in the kitchen. Cement tile? Does that bring up an image of dark, gray like a basement wall? Nothing is further from the truth.

Cement tiles are hand-made and feature expressive colors, patterns and textures. More than 150 year old, this decorative tile technique is being rediscovered. These tiles are sweeping the country.

How does cement tile differ from “regular” tile? The most common tiles are ceramic. Ceramic tiles are made from colored clay, usually red, brown or white. They are glazed or unglazed before heated in a wood- or coal-burning kiln. Glazed tiles have a shine and unglazed have a duller, matte finish.

Cement tiles are formed from sand, cement, a color pigment and marble powder. The elements are poured into a mold and compressed under 2,000 pounds of pressure.

The cement-based creations are popular because:

  • They’re extremely durable
  • Hand-crafted, they provide a one-of-a-kind creative element
  • Almost unlimited color combinations are possible
  • They are often customized for an age-old look, art deco revival or contemporary modern appeal
  • Environmentally friendly – all natural materials
  • Slip-resistant, resists moisture

Tile experts caution that with these unique tiles “a little goes a long way.” Because they are thicker than common tiles they are heavier. Consider the added weight when applying these tiles as a backsplash installation, for example.  And, being thicker, they may not blend with existing trim and molding.

In addition, these custom-made tiles are not “sealed at the factory,” so you’ll have to apply a sealer before adding grout. Done right, liquids will bead up for easy cleaning.

Get Creative With Tile

When you want to get creative with tile there are geometric shapes, shimmering glazes, colorful hand-painted prints, graphic applications and much more. Everywhere you look you see rich color. Today, tile is the key to a personality statement in your kitchen. You want your new kitchen to be really “you,” right?

Your application of tile creates an atmosphere and defines how your lifestyle works within that space. Creative use of tile gives you a wide open palette of color plus texture and shape. And, it combines elegance and style with function.

One of the hottest colors used throughout the house in 2020 and beyond, blue in all its shades is taking center stage. There’s a trend toward dark tile kitchen backsplashes. When it comes to blue, there are large-format tiles, subway-style tiles, hexagon tile and almost anything you can think of.

The ability to specify exactly the right color to complement cabinetry and décor makes a big difference. You want your new kitchen to have a “wow” factor, right? There are so many color, shape, size and texture options it’s dizzying. No longer are the choices simple – white or a neutral color, gloss shine or matte?

Top Off Renovation With Tile For The Kitchen

Going beyond the tiles, grout has come into its own as an element of design. Where once you had no choice of colors for grout, now you have shades from black, brown and gray to bold blues and greens.

Remodeling the kitchen is almost always on top of the wish list for owners of older homes. Popular trends dictate knocking down walls and creating an open floor plan. That may work for some, but not for others. You lifestyle and the everyday needs of your family dictate what’s best. You can have a great new kitchen without knocking out walls. Changing cabinetry, colors and tiles breathes fresh air into a kitchen. When the time comes for a kitchen renovation give us a call at 608-825-4500, or email us to discuss all your options. Sims Exteriors & Remodeling excels at making the most of your space. With years of experience, we’re ready help you choose and install tile for the kitchen in your Madison WI home.

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