Update Curb Appeal—Start With The Basics

Curb Appeal | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Make a great impression on passersby with a combination of colors, textures and styles.

The popular term “curb appeal” is all about making a great first impression. What do visitors and passersby see when they glimpse your Madison WI home? Your roof, siding and windows make a statement at once – good or not so good.

Where do you start to update your home’s curb appeal? New paint for the trim? New, high-efficiency modern windows? Replacing the roof or siding? All these basics blend together to project the image your neighbors see every day.

A good place to start is a thorough clean up. Remove dirt, debris and stains from the roof and siding. A clean home makes a much better impression. Faded or damaged siding detracts from your image. So does a poorly maintained roof. You live in the house all year long so you know if your windows are efficient or not. With today’s modern replacement windows, you can combine efficiency with good  looks and the latest style.

Updating colors, styles and textures regenerates the “wow” factor in established older homes.

Begin the process with a complete inspection, top to bottom. When you’ve eye-balled it on your own, bring in a professional contractor to evaluate what can be done – and what should be done first.

Curb Appeal Building Blocks

Curb Appeal | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
All the elements of design and style come together – roofing, siding, windows and doors – to create an inviting first impression.

The most common elements concerning a home’s image, are:

  • Siding – color and design
  • Roofing – texture and color
  • Windows – style, shape and material

Begin With Siding

One of the first elements of style passersby remember about a house is its color. Followed closely by unusual architectural design features. Your home’s siding – texture, color and style – plays a major role in creating a great impression. A good cleaning may be all you need. But, damaged or faded siding should be replaced. Thankfully, you have a long list of options to choose from.

Most people opt for low-maintenance vinyl siding. And that’s for good reason. Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors, textures and styles. It is available with and without added insulation.

In addition there are metal, wood, composite and stucco options. Your lifestyle dictates which is best for your home. When considering a change, take into account:

  • Vinyl holds up – modern vinyl siding will last for decades. The many choices available from Sims Exteriors and Remodeling come with true lifetime guarantees (plus workmanship guarantees on installation). Vinyl doesn’t dent like metal or warp, crack of chip like wood or composites.
  • Wood is classic – wooden siding represents a classic, rustic look. With proper maintenance it lasts for years. It is maintenance-heavy as it ages. And it is susceptible to mold, wood rot and pests – woodpeckers often confuse it with a source of food.
  • Metal lasts – aluminum and steel siding last for years but are more easily dented than other options. They often look like wood but require far less maintenance. Not as popular is they were. Commonly replaced with vinyl versions.
  • Stucco is special – stucco is a natural look that has gained favor in recent years. It doesn’t work for every building style but where it does it last.

Curb Appeal From The Top Down

A new roof not only adds to the home’s good looks, it makes a difference on the inside. Your roof is the number one weatherproofing and insulation system. It physically keeps rain, snow and wind out of the house. At the same time, it keeps air moving through the home and is a major contributor to controlling overall heating and cooling costs. A new roof adds value as well as style. Some real estate estimates say a new, high-efficiency  roof adds from 15% to 40% to a home’s value.

Good looks coupled with top performance is a winning combination.

As with siding, you have choices when it comes to roofing materials, including:

  • Asphalt shingles – the most popular choice for a new roof is the asphalt shingle. These traditional materials have evolved to keep pace with other technology. Asphalt shingles stand up to southern Wisconsin’s weather extremes. The stand up so well that GAF shingles carry a lifetime warranty. Asphalt shingles come in standard colors and shapes plus a variety of options to match nearly any color and building requirement.
  • Metal roofing – one of the most recent trends in roofing is the use of metal. Common in commercial and agricultural creations for years, metal roofs on homes are relatively new. Though limited is styles and colors – with more appearing all the time – they are efficient and long-lasting.
  • Wood shakes – wood shakes are a high-cost and high-maintenance options for specialized applications. There are asphalt shingles designed to mimic shakes.

Improve Your Window On The World

Whether on the inside looking out or the outside looking, good windows make a difference. Adding natural light with replacement windows improves your living space. Using windows that complement your home’s style is an added bonus. Natural light enhances your well-being and, in addition, make a statement on the outside. Among the most popular trends in windows are:

  • High-efficiency glass – Low emissivity coating – Low-E coating – reflects heat inside the home during the winter and keeps it out in the summer. Low-E means lower energy bills.
  • Window glazing – protects against ultraviolet light to protect family members while reduing fading of upholstery, carpets and furniture. It also improves a window’s insulation.
  • Passive solar heating – adding larger southern-facing windows contributes passive solar radiation entering the home to help heat the inside during cold winter weather.
  • Low-maintenance – modern vinyl-framed and vinyl-clad wood frame windows couple low maintenance with top performance. Sims delivers the top brands with styles for any Madison home.

Don’t forget another major element – your front door. A custom door adds instant curb appeal as it grabs attention. There are ideal choices in a variety of materials to complement your home, trim and windows.

Create Personal Curb Appeal

There are dozens of sources for design, color and style ideas for your Madison home. Scour the books and magazines. Tour local neighborhoods. Watch the TV shows and online videos. There are ideas everywhere. Once you know the styles you like, make them your own.

When it’s time to upgrade your home, Sims Exteriors and  Remodeling is one of the only contractors in the region that can bring all these elements together. A quality roof, high-efficiency siding and high-performance windows all combine to enhance your home’s overall personality. Sims fields skilled, experienced and factory-trained installation teams for each specialty. Sims does it all, top to bottom.

Call Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us for the latest roofing technology, energy-efficient and attractive siding options and high-quality window styles to frame your home’s curb appeal in Madison WI home.

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