Vinyl Siding Offers More Color Choices Than Ever Before

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There are siding color options to fulfill any design vision.

As designers expand their use of color outside the home, vinyl siding options are available in more colors than ever. For new siding anywhere in and around Madison WI there’s a specific siding color to fit your home’s character.

The entire color spectrum from warm earth tones to new bold colors make up today’s new siding offerings. Vibrant colors coupled with new textures have increased the demand for this popular siding option. Now, siding that looks and feels like real wood is available in new colors. There are styles that mimic the look and feel of cedar wood – you have to touch it to tell the difference!

Choose Vinyl Siding Carefully

There is more to choosing siding than picking a popular color. Unlike paint on the walls inside your home, changing the color of the outside is not easy. Siding lasts a long time. Making a decision you will be proud of for the next decade or more takes thought. Once you’ve decided you need new siding, consider:

Vinyl Siding | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Mix and match colors to make a statement.
  • Your neighborhood – you don’t necessarily want to “stand out.” On the other hand, you don’t want to be just another one of houses with the same siding. Consider your individual tastes and how they fit within the homes in your area. Drive around outside your neighborhood. See what others are doing – hopefully you’ll find a house with siding similar in color so you can get a real world feel for it. Take in the whole picture – are designers using clapboard styles, board and batten styles or simple horizontal siding? How is siding used and its texture affects the overall appearance as much as siding color.
  • Your home’s architectural style – if you live in an older home, color combinations that reflect the home’s ancestry makes sense. Or, you can bring a period home into the 21st century with a creative use of modern colors.

After touring neighborhoods two things jump out:

  • Builders use the same colored siding over and over again – because they get better pricing on larger orders.
  • There is a lot of room for creativity and personal expression.

You have an opportunity to let the style you enjoy inside your home begin with the outside walls.

Siding Color Options Galore

Siding Contractors | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Retain the character of a specific style with custom colors and textures.

When you look for the right color combination for your new siding, prepare for an avalanche of color choices. Every major siding-maker offers a variety of colors with more added all the time. One of the leading brands available from Sims, the CertainTeed Monogram cedar-look line includes 33 low-gloss colors, eight low-gloss wood tones and 40 different trim colors. And that’s just one of several high-quality lines.

Older homes often retain their original high-maintenance wood or composite siding. Homeowners are reluctant to change, fearing they will lose the character and charm of the design. With advances in modern siding engineering, that is not the case. Among the most popular new lines are versions mirroring the look and texture of cedar shake siding. They provide the rugged appeal without the cost and maintenance. Mixing different style and colors dramatically highlights a home’s charm.

No matter how old you home is or its architectural heritage, there’s a vinyl siding available to fit. In a siding color that gives curb appeal a boost, too.

CertainTeed is one of the major brands available from Sims Exteriors and Remodeling. Check out its complete lineup here.

Choose A Contractor You Can Trust

“Fly by night” is a reference to a host of siding companies that come and go all across the country. Don’t be fooled by special “limited time” offers or the old “we’re working in your neighborhood and can make you a really good deal” ploy.

A vinyl siding installer with trained, insured crews stands behind every job. You can count on Sims to be in business in the same location next month and next year if you need it. Sims stands behind its workmanship and top companies like CertainTeed stand behind their products.

No matter the style or design, even the best siding doesn’t perform to its ultimate when it isn’t installed correctly. Sims fields skilled, experienced installation teams who specialize in completing siding installations quickly and efficiently.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling brings the right tools and skills to every home renovation job. Call us at 608-825-4500, or email us for the latest siding color choices and vinyl siding options to make a statement on your Madison WI area home.

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