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Tall glass doors contain the shower while creating an open, free space.

The focal point of a spa-like elegant bathroom remodel is often a custom-designed walk-in shower. Walk-in installations replace standard showers to add luxury and convenience to your Madison WI home. Walking into an open shower is safer than stepping into a tub or enclosed shower unit. It’s especially convenient for older adults or those with impaired mobility – taking into account the long-term needs of homeowners.

When planning a new, elegant bathroom it makes sense to look far into the future, right? Your new bathroom provides more than a great atmosphere, it provides a space for daily routines and requirements.

Replacing a standard, common shower/tub combination has its advantages, but it isn’t perfect for everyone. As with every bathroom renovation there are choices you will have to make. Among the most basic choices are:

  1. A bathtub/shower combination?
  2. Replace the tub with a large easy-access shower?
  3. Include a stand-alone soaking tub plus a shower

Benefits Of A Walk-in Shower

As you finalize your plans for a new bathroom, consider the benefits of a walk-in, easy-access shower:

  • Safe and convenient access – a perfect time to add grab bars and other safety features to reduce the chance of falls. No need to risk balance stepping over the side of a standard tub. Open spaces with overhead lighting are safer and easier to move around in, too.
  • Easy to keep clean – a walk-in space normally features flat surfaces with few areas where dirt, grime and residue build up. It takes less time and effort to clean glass and tile walls with fewer nooks and crannies.
  • Versatile design – a walk-in design makes it possible to create a footprint to fit within virtually any bathroom design and décor. Ultra-contemporary or farmhouse chic you can take advantage of the benefits of easy-access and convenience. Unlike shower/tub combinations and pre-formed showers a custom walk-in is easily designed to fit your space – you don’t have to design space to fit the shower. With few moving parts – no curtains, etc. – most walk-ins have glass doors with slight or no frames. Some have access via hallway-like entries with no door or curtain.
  • Usable space – even if the shower doesn’t take any more space than a traditional one the walk-in design provides an illusion of more space. There’s little, if anything, blocking sightlines within the bathroom.
  • Spa-like array – an additional asset are multi-nozzle spray installations. Installations can have as many as 10 spray nozzles directing water to all sides of your body.

No Bathroom Shower Is ‘Right’ For Everyone

Walk-in Shower | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Lighting and clean lines make this safe and easy-access shower inviting and functional.

Your ideal new bathroom may include the shower of your dreams or a basic installation. No matter your plans, there’s no one shower design that’s ideal for everyone. And that includes a shower you can easily walk into. As you plan, consider these drawbacks to a walk-in design:

  • Less private – glass walls and open spaces don’t provide privacy. If more than one person uses the bathroom at the same time open spaces may not be as appropriate – however, walk-in designs built around a hallway entry often are fully-enclosed.
  • Loss of heat – an open space retains less heat, especially without a door or curtain. The heat of the room circulates into the shower space and cooling the air quicker than enclosed showers. Sub-floor heating units or overhead heat address this potential drawback and can turn it around.
  • ‘Slippery when wet’ – in some installations water splashes into the room where it creates a danger of slipping as well as a clean-up chore.
  • High humidity, moisture – everybody has seen how a bathroom mirror “steams up” after the shower has been in use. Uncontained showers allow more steam to increase the humidity in the room. Creating a damp moist environment is a favorable condition for mold and mildew.
  • You need a tub – a home with small children needs to have at least one bathtub so removing a tub if you have only one large bathroom may not be a good idea. Lack of a bathtub may hinder resale of the home.

Is There A Walk-in Shower In Your Future

The master bathroom is the room where everyone’s day usually begins and ends. A custom shower seamlessly blends into the space when created by a professional remodeling contractor. Done correctly it provides aesthetics and function.

A bathroom renovation allows your lifestyle to shine. When you’re ready to enhance your bathroom Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is ready to help. Call 608-825-4500 or email us to begin the process. Combine our years of experience, craftsmanship and high-end products to create a perfect walk-in shower for your Madison WI home.

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