Window Replacement Pricing Practices

Window replacement Contractors operate in very competitive markets.

At Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, experience has shown us offering high quality products and great service at fair prices fuels growth. These operating practices have created many satisfied customers and we are committed to continue doing that.

Apples To Apples Roofing SidingThrough the years, however, we have been surprised and even concerned because many homeowners fall prey to window replacement contractors promoting special deals that do not exist. Often Special Deals or Unique Pricing were used as a bait and switch tactic so new windows contractors could sell a different deal or product when they met with homeowners. Simply put, we are surprised intelligent consumers are taken in by window replacement contractors that are obviously trying to fool their customers rather than focusing on providing great products and service.

We have respect for homeowners in the Madison area. We also know firsthand homeowners who have responded to special promotions. Unfortunately we also know people who have ended up with inferior products, bloated invoices and products with short lifespans. We know these situations exist because we have quoted projects for thousands of dollars less than the “special offers. And, the really sad part of the story is our products have been of much higher quality than the “special offers”.  Seeing the faces of homeowners who realize they have been “taken” is frustrating. It is also maddening because not everyone can afford to waste thousands of dollars.

Are Window Replacement Contractors Using illegal “Bait And Switch” Tactics? 

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a replacement windows contractor in Madison WI. We are not Lawyers. However, applying a little common sense and taking a quick look at a couple of definitions of ‘bait and switch advertising’, you might be able to draw your own conclusions.

Merriam-Webster-dictionar-002Merriam Webster’s Definition

“A sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one”

The Law Dictionary (Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary)

“Luring customers with low prices than selling them higher priced items saying the bargain was sold out. This is illegal. AKA bait pricing.”

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New windows sales practices vary depending on the Contractor and how they operate

We are not lawyers. But, when listening to the ads on radio and TV, it does make us wonder. We know the costs of products and labor, so we know some of the offers we hear are definitely questionable. We also wonder why homeowners can respond to some of the offers we hear. Consider –

  • Do homeowners actually believe they can install new windows for $1500 fo their entire home?
  • Will all of the labor for their replacement windows only cost one dollar as one offer said? Or, is that cost hidden somewhere else in the quote?
  • Will new windows priced at only one third of the present market rate perform as well as other appropriately priced windows?

In conversations homeowners laugh about the offers. However, what puzzles us is when we have quoted against offers similar to these above, and our project estimates are still thousands less, but people choose to pay more for less quality.

Customers ask us – why do Sims Exteriors and Remodeling quotes consistently come in lower than the competition?

Replacement Windows Answers

There is a simple answer.

We price our products and services fairly.  There is no price inflation for false promotions having questionable value to homeowners. We also feel it’s reprehensible for window replacement contractors in Madison WI to use promotions that are not easily distinguished from unlawful ‘bait and switch’ tactics.

We know we are on the right track we have had our customers tell us a sales person for a competitive replacement windows contractor told them they would not install the advertised windows ‘in his dog house’.

All of this contributed to our creating our “Apples To Apples” comparison guide. It is a group ofquestions designed to help homeowners select a window replacement company to work with. We are committed to helping you find the best contractor for your needs.

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Cost Vs Value Guide – 2014 Report

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