It’s the season when remodeling scams crop up as fast as dandelions. Each spring, as homeowners begin thinking of improvements to make their Madison WI area homes better, unscrupulous businesses try to take advantage. Never is the old saying “buyer beware” more valid than in the home improvement business. Contractors move from community to community

Homeowner, Beware Of Remodeling Scams

When you want to bring to life the vision you have for a home improvement project, how you choose a contractor is a vital step. There are dozens of firms in the Madison WI area listing themselves as remodelers. Home remodels come in all sizes, shapes and dimensions. Each has its critical requirements. Choosing the

How To Choose A Contractor For Home Remodel

Unless you’ve had recent damage, chances are you haven’t given much thought to shingle choices for a new roof. If you’ve noticed leaks or roof damage on your Madison WI home, it’s obviously time to evaluate your options. Even if you don’t recognize immediate damage, a roof doesn’t last forever. The older your home the

Shingle Choices – There’s A Size, Shape And Material Right For Your Home

There are so many moving parts in a home renovation it takes coordination and skill to create successful remodeling solutions. Coordination between the people with the “plan” and an experienced remodeling contractor is vital in getting the results you want for your Madison WI home. An immediate question is: Do you need an interior designer

Translate Renovation Goals To Remodeling Solutions

There are times when your family needs more space but a major remodel isn’t in the budget. That’s when a bump-out addition can be a perfect solution for your Madison WI home. A bump-out is, as the term implies, a way to expand a room or rooms by moving walls. You don’t have to change

Expand With A Bump-out Addition

Snow melting from the roof is usually welcomed, but warm days and freezing nights bring the threat of an ice-related roof leak. The normal freeze/thaw/freeze cycle in Madison WI in midwinter causes homeowners headaches. No. 1 threat is from the formation of ice dams. Like the name implies, they are a build-up of ice near

Recognize And Treat An Ice-related Roof Leak

If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen and exploring the options, you are aware of the trends in kitchen storage. You have choices to make when remodeling your Madison WI kitchen. Below the countertops, enclosed cabinets are the rule, but above offers more room for creativity. There are two broad categories of above-the-counter storage:  traditional

Open Shelving vs Cabinetry – Basic Kitchen Storage Choices

What’s a real remodeling trend and what’s a short-lived design fad? Go back to the earliest reruns of popular home makeover TV and you’ll quickly see that many of their hottest ideas have faded away. The good news for Madison WI homeowners looking to make changes and upgrade is that solid trends have become standards.

Fad Or Remodeling Trend – Some Ideas Always Fit

Instead of damning ice, take steps to prevent damage from a mid-winter ice dam. This winter promises to be no different than any other in Madison WI. There will be several snow storms, mid-season thaws and extended cold snaps. All promote a major threat to your home’s roof as well as interior walls and ceilings.

Prevent Ice Dam Damage – Take Action Right Now

A popular TV show brought a decades-old design trend to the forefront – the shiplap wall. It’s a traditional look that has its roots in American interior design history. Some people say it was a fad that’s gone away. Not true. There’s still plenty of room for shiplap creations in your Madison WI home. There

The Shiplap Wall Trend Continues

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